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This post is less of a blog post, and more of a personal reminder, so that I will have some idea of what to tell people when they ask what I want for my birthday. So basically just ignore this.

  • Camera with good zoom and video with sound – may buy one tomorrow though
  • Ultimate Werewolf
  • Betrayal: House on the Hill
  • Pokemon Black/White (preferably white)
  • Nerdy plushies, jewellery, badges, merchandise in general
  • Band merchandise – System of a Down, Placebo, Kittie
  • Wednesday 13 tee
  • JB HiFi vouchers – what to tell people if all else fails
  • Magic cards – another last resort
  • Spellbox – anything from Spellbox is good if people can’t think of anything but still want to surprise me
  • LOST – seasons 1-3
  • LJ Smith – Vampire Diaries – The Return Vol. 1
  • Virginia Andrews (VC Andrews) – Garden of Shadows, Black Cat, Child of Darkness
  • Thomas Harris – Hannibal, Red Dragon
  • Computer headset with microphone – but I think mum’s getting me this
  • Scream 1-4 box set
  • Magic the Gathering – wurms for my wurm deck
  • Super Scribblenauts (DS)
  • Christopher Paolini – Eragon, Inheritance
  • Doctor Who
  • Dollhouse comics 4+
  • Death Note manga black edition VI+
  • Charmed comics

Imitation is the Highest Form of Flattery


A few weeks ago I decided to help out a fellow blogger with deciding on a name and caption for her blog. I advised her to be herself, and use something that shows off who she is. I won’t reveal who this blogger is, but for the sake of this post, she will be known as Alice. I gave Alice a link to my own blog, to show her how my title, and everything else on my blog, just emphasises how weird I am. It ended up helping her out, perhaps a bit too much, and once she’d gotten her blog started, she sent me a link to it. So imagine my surprise when I saw that, for her about page, instead of putting something witty that emphasised herself, she had put down something that emphasised me.

Here is a paragraph copied from my own About page:
Rantings of the Ninja Robot is a blog for all my random rantings. They generally involve things like racism, music, politics, and other random topics, often controversial. I apologise if I offend anyone in any of my posts – this is not my intention, and if you do get offended, then I advise you to piss off.Β  I also blog about my random ponderings, and sometimes my personal dilemmas. Read what you will, and hopefully I make you laugh, or think, or do something other than be bored!

And here is one copied from Alice’s:
********************* is my blog for ranting, obsessions, daily blogs, favourite youtube vids,
They generally involve things like racism, music, pet hates, and other random topics, often controversial. I apologise if I offend anyone in any of my posts – this is not my intention, and if you do get offended, then I advise you to piss off.Β  I also blog about my random ponderings, and sometimes my personal dilemmas. Read what you will, and hopefully I make you laugh, or think, or do something other than be bored!

But I suppose, as they say, “imitation is the highest form of flattery”.

Parental Hypocrisy


That bitch has no idea how good she’s got it. I could be out getting smashed every night. I could be a complete slut and sleep with every guy I meet. Why not throw in a few girls too? I’m sure that’d shock her. I could be a complete bitch to her every second of every day. I could actually swear. I could make demands of her. I could hit her. I could stop doing the things I actually do for her. Even though I don’t have a job now, I could just not be at uni working towards a future one. I could spend all my money on booze and cigarettes. I could be a druggie. I could be pregnant. I could have several children to several baby-daddies. In short, I could be 50% of the girls from my high school.

But I’m not. I take her up on her offers to take me places. I let the paranoid bitch take me home when I’d rather be out. I accepted it when she declined my offer to pay rent. I don’t have a job. I can’t have arguments without yelling. I get mad at people when they get mad at me. I cry when I’m mad. I call her on it when she digs for things to tell me off about. I can’t cook. I’m too lazy to clean. I don’t do things fast enough for her liking. I put myself before everyone else, because I’m into self-preservation. I don’t apologise.

But I’m polite. I don’t swear. I’m a virgin. I make her cups of tea because she’s too goddamn lazy to make them herself. I don’t ask her for anything except permission. I’m working towards a future.

But apparently I’m the only person in this house who doesn’t know how good they’ve got it. Apparently I should appreciate my mother more, instead of the other way around. Well I’m sorry mum. I’m sorry mostly good isn’t good enough for you. I’m sorry you’ve been a complete bitch ever since dad left. I’m sorry I’m not perfect. I’m sorry you’re such a hypocrite. I’m sorry you feel the need to criticise everything I do. I’m sorry you’re so stupid that you find self-preservation selfish. But most of all, I’m sorry I’m your daughter.

I’m Like a Schoolgirl, Honestly…


So I haven’t posted in a while, and I realise that my last post was about how I like Tiernan. And that was what, 2 weeks ago? Well, since then, things happened. Well, Jess’s (yes, I am one of those people who adds an extra S after the apostrophe. No, I will not stop just because it is grammatically incorrect) party mainly. Tiernan asked me out. πŸ™‚ I’m like a little schoolgirl, I get so excited. We’re now official! And no, I won’t post any details of anything, that has happened or ever does happen, on the internet.

You know how sometimes you can never be attracted to someone physically, and then all of a sudden you get feelings for them? Well, that wasn’t the case. Way back when I first went up to second floor, I found Tiernan pretty hot. I always thought he was the hottest second floorer (no offense anyone else, but it is fitting after all). He has long, dark, curly hair. I love his hair. πŸ™‚ I even like his facial hair, which is really weird for me. And his eyes are green. At first I thought they were brown, but they’re actually green. And they have flowers in them. I like his clothes. Particularly his jackets. Although I’m not sure which one I prefer yet… And I don’t know if I’ve already mentioned his voice before or not, but it’s awesome too. And he says excellent! How awesome is that? People always seem to think it weird when I say excellent… 😦

Anyway, I’ll stop being crazy now. I should probably go off and teach myself a subject I still don’t know anything about, 2 weeks before the exam. That’s what, 24 lectures and 12 weeks of readings? Yeah, I’m sure to ace this…

It’s Times Like These I’m Glad To Be Female


Tara kidnapped me yesterday. Well, she calledΒ  me and dragged me away from uni before I even got to see a certain second-floorer. It was for an award she got for uni, and I’m her sister, so I forgive her. Well, more so because of what happened today, actually.

Today was awesome. πŸ˜€ I’ve just realised that I probably can’t say what I was going to without giving away who this person is… Crap. Oh well, he probably doesn’t know this exists anyway, so it’s alright. Well, one of the groups at uni had a meeting today, so we did the food shopping together. Alone. Yeah, there’s nothing special or exciting about that whatsoever… But we did have a nice long conversation. A completely random ordinary conversation, but any conversation’s good with me! πŸ˜€ Sigh. He is very nice.

So anyway, I’ve been thinking about him like all week. It’s quite annoying, really. I was thinking about him on the tram today. Just thinking about his face, and his voice (which is really awesome, by the way), and his hair, and his jacket… And then I started thinking what it would be like to kiss him. And let me tell you, the middle of a tram is not the best place to think such things. So yeah, thank God I’m not a guy…

Innocence, Attraction, and Second Floor


So apparently I come across like an innocent woman-child. That kinda baffles me. Actually, it probably shouldn’t, since I say the stupidest things at times, and never understand any ‘adult’ or ‘dirty’ references. Until like fifteen minutes later. But whatever. Apparently it’s quite shocking that the majority of my year 11/12 years consisted of having a boyfriend. And that I have… shall we say, ‘eaten sandwiches’ before. Maybe I should work on toning down this innocent facade before I attempt to snare a certain second-floorer. Which brings me to my next topic – attraction.

My taste in men appears to have changed significantly between high school and university. Back then I was all about the younger men. Yes, I was a cradle robber. Well, only by like a year, but still. Younger men. But now… Everyone’s freakin’ older than me! Like, a 21-year-old at the beginning of the year. A possibly 28-year-old very attractive wizard-like creature. And now – a really cute, really nice (yay!) guy with an amazing voice and (omgwtf) facial hair! That’s quite unusual for me… Liking guys with facial hair, that is. Well, I suppose. The guys I like/date always seem to have a token ‘thing’. That is, a characteristic that I wouldn’t normally be attracted to. Like, first there was light hair (and second too), and then there was a short guy, and now one with facial hair. Odd.

And finally, (almost) completely unrelated, is my last topic, second floor. I must be an official second-floorer now. Carrying around my MTG cards everywhere, going drafting, playing board games, having exciting conversations about said things, getting excited about the number 42 tram stop… Yes, I am a second-floorer. Well, at least the guy I have my eye on is also a second-floorer. Makes for alright conversation starters.

Soundwave Dilemma


Ah, Soundwave. The greatest music festival in existence. Well, known to me, anyway. I went in 2010, and it was flipping awesome. AFI, Paramore, HIM… I didn’t actually see Placebo (who were also there), as I was waiting for Paramore at that time, but I did hear them, and that’s how I got into them. But ANYWAY. Soundwave is awesome. I was looking at the line-up last week, and saw Murderdolls there. I know right! Murderdolls! I was so excited. But then I realised I was looking at last year’s line-up. 😦 But THEN (well, today) I found out part of the actual confirmed line-up for next year. And it is already so much better than last year’s anyway! System of a Down, Slipknot, Marilyn Manson, Limp Bizkit, the Used… Oh my God!!! I really, really, REALLY have to go. In that list of 5 bands, 3 of them are the very bands that got me into good music at the age of 10! The first 3, in case you were wondering. The others were Kittie and KoRn. So yes, I absolutely have to go. But- but- but Tara will be a teacher next year! And Melbourne’s having it on a goddamn Friday again! Goddammit. I am trying to help her get her priorities in order, so she can come. Or at least manipulate her school into having a day off on March 2. And I want to go with Tara. It’s our thing. I really want to go, but I really want to go with Tara. But I still really want to go even if she doesn’t go. But she was so excited too. And we did find out about Soundwave before she’s even found out anything about a job yet. I really hope we can go!

We’re going to Brisbane! They’ve got it on a Saturday! Woohoo!