Innocence, Attraction, and Second Floor


So apparently I come across like an innocent woman-child. That kinda baffles me. Actually, it probably shouldn’t, since I say the stupidest things at times, and never understand any ‘adult’ or ‘dirty’ references. Until like fifteen minutes later. But whatever. Apparently it’s quite shocking that the majority of my year 11/12 years consisted of having a boyfriend. And that I have… shall we say, ‘eaten sandwiches’ before. Maybe I should work on toning down this innocent facade before I attempt to snare a certain second-floorer. Which brings me to my next topic – attraction.

My taste in men appears to have changed significantly between high school and university. Back then I was all about the younger men. Yes, I was a cradle robber. Well, only by like a year, but still. Younger men. But now… Everyone’s freakin’ older than me! Like, a 21-year-old at the beginning of the year. A possibly 28-year-old very attractive wizard-like creature. And now – a really cute, really nice (yay!) guy with an amazing voice and (omgwtf) facial hair! That’s quite unusual for me… Liking guys with facial hair, that is. Well, I suppose. The guys I like/date always seem to have a token ‘thing’. That is, a characteristic that I wouldn’t normally be attracted to. Like, first there was light hair (and second too), and then there was a short guy, and now one with facial hair. Odd.

And finally, (almost) completely unrelated, is my last topic, second floor. I must be an official second-floorer now. Carrying around my MTG cards everywhere, going drafting, playing board games, having exciting conversations about said things, getting excited about the number 42 tram stop… Yes, I am a second-floorer. Well, at least the guy I have my eye on is also a second-floorer. Makes for alright conversation starters.


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