When I Am Drunk…

  • I dance! You can tell how much I’ve been drinking by the height of my arms as I dance.
  • I get confused easily. Well, more easily than usual, anyway. If someone tricks me about their name… Grrr… I will then ask everyone else if they are sure that’s what their name is, once they have introduced themselves.
  • I sleep on people’s breasts.
  • I do odd and slightly inappropriate things. Such as touch my best friend’s boyfriend’s tummy…
  • I make weird conversation.
  • I talk a lot.
  • I get wicked screaming skills. Well, I hope I do anyway. I hope it’s not just like Ted in How I Met Your Mother with the drunk beatboxing… But hey! Tara confirmed my scary man voice! So ‘sall good 🙂
  • I sing opera.

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