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A Marvel-ous Affair


GambitSo it was Dallas’ 21st to- last night, and after many months of preparation (and promises of bombarding the internet with photos), I finally got to put my Gambit costume to use. Just in case anyone is reading this who doesn’t know me, or hasn’t read my previous post about planning a Gambit costume, this is basically the first time I have gathered all the pieces of a costume myself. RogueAt previous costume parties and conventions I have rented costumes (costume parties only) or worn easy costumes that required little to no extra purchases. But this time I had to go hunting for the coat and the corset, and I also painted the staff and chopped up the gloves myself. So yes, no matter what anyone else thinks of it, I am very pleased. And clearly Dallas was as well, since I won the prize for best dressed female! I won a 3D Spiderman puzzle for that. Aw hells yeah!

But anyway, since it was a costume party, obviously I planned on getting photos with everyone in their costumes! And I was definitely going to get photos with every Rogue that was there, if there were any. And hey, I definitely succeeded in that area. I had three girlfriends there. Three! The Rogue on the left had my favourite costume out of all the Rogues, so there’s no need to put all the photos up. There were just so many awesome costumes! There was a Loki, some Deadpools, some Black Widows, one regular Jean Grey and one Phoenix, one regular Bucky Barnes and one Winter Soldier, a Storm, a Hulk, a Captain America, some agents of SHIELD, a Medusa, some Miss Marvels, some Iron Men, a Red Skull, a Nick Fury, a Mystique, and possibly some more that I’ve forgotten about about. Oh, and I managed to snap two Susan Storm InvisibleSusan Stormphotos with Susan Storm:

It wasn’t your typical 21st birthday party, but it was a really great night. In fact, I probably enjoyed it more than I would have enjoyed dancing and drinking and whatnot. That’s right, lil’ old alcoholic me actually enjoyed herself at a boozeless party made up mostly of complete strangers. The venue was surprisingly large, and there was a main room with food and photos, a quiet room with couches, and a sports room with nerf guns and archery. I failed at the archery (I’m much better with real bows), but I was alright with the strange air squeezy guns. My mum was surprisingly good at the archery, and managed to hit right near the bullseye. She won a pizza cutter for that. This seems like a good time to point out that the prizes weren’t ridiculously random, we just chose our own prizes from a selection. I was disappointed that I missed out on the picnic set, but the Spiderman puzzle seems pretty cool too. I’m not rambling on and on to fill up space to make the layout prettier, not at all. But anyway, there were also a few couches in the sports room, so some of us played games for a while. Oh, and Dallas got her grandpa to bring a wheelchair (for Professor X, of course), so of course the little kids had a lot of fun with that.

LokiDallas came as Loki, who I absolutely love, and her costume looked great! It did seem a bit odd having such a nice girl dressed up as someone who wants to take over the entire world though. Her dad and sister talked a lot about how kind-hearted she is in their speeches, and although I’m not a religious person, I still found it quite sweet when they mentioned her love of God.

CakeOh, and I can’t forget the cake! It was an ice-cream cake decorated in Captain America’s red, white, and blue, and it was delicious. Though it did turn everyone’s mouths blue after eating it! I was also very impressed by this photo mum took of it.

So yes, I had a great time at Dallas’ party, and I hope she did as well. Happy 21st birthday, Dallas!




A friend of mine is having a Marvel themed party for her 21st in July, and I’ve decided to dress up as Gambit. But I won’t be going as regular old male Gambit, no. I’ll be going as a girly version instead. Gambitina. Gambette. Rema LeBeau. I’m sorry, I’ll stop now… But yes, I have decided to crossplay Gambit. Because that way I won’t look like a dreadfully cheap attempt at Gambit. Instead, the differences between my costume and Gambit’s will be intentional.

So for the past couple of months, I’ve been searching for things that I can use for my costume. I already owned black tights and high-heeled boots, so my bottom half didn’t need any more costume pieces. But I did still need playing cards, a big stick, pink armour, gloves, and Gambit’s funky headpiece. The first thing I bought was some silver paint for the big stick. For that I went with ‘silver fox’ by Urban Crafter, which I got from Riot at Greensborough. It was one of the cheaper paints on offer, and the colour is surprisingly great – the shine turned out really well. Then I bought a faceless mask thingy from eBay, which I had originally planned to cut away the scalp and ears from to make Gambit’s headpiece. I also bought a plain fuschia overbust corset from eBay, which will be my ‘armour’. When the corset arrived, I realised it was probably a bit too inappropriate to wear to a house full of Christians, so I’ve decided to wear a tight black turtleneck underneath it. And to avoid clutter around the neck, I plan to get a plain black headband to wear instead of the full headpiece. For the gloves, I bought some cheap costume gloves from the $2 shop at Northland. And let me tell you, that $2 shop is the best place to go for costume gloves. They have white (which I’m fairly sure were the same type my old high school gave out for the Deb), red (which I used for a Red Riding Hood costume a few years ago), and black. Obviously I went with the black for Gambit. I cut off the necessary fingers today, and I’m still on a high over how well they turned out! The most difficult part of my costume to find was unfortunately also the most important. I looked in so many different shops between the time Dallas told me about her party and today, and not once did I find a suitable brown coat. In fact, I could barely find any brown coats at all. Until today. I was going out for lunch with my nan, and somehow my progress on my costume came up. Oh yes, it was because I wanted to go to Bunnings to get a big stick. So nan told me about Savers in Mill Park, and offered to take me there after Bunnings. And lo and behold, I found the perfect coat! Well, more perfect than anything else I expected to find, anyway. It’s long, brown, and fake leather, and has a snakeskin pattern. I was after a plain brown coat, but when you find a coat the perfect length and colour, made of the (fake) perfect material, in your exact size, then you really can’t pass that up. Now I just need to get a deck of playing cards and the aforementioned headband, and I’m all set!

It may sound like I’m a little too excited about this costume I’m preparing, but really, it’s because I am. This is actually the first costume I’ve ever made that I feel confident will actually look good. So I’m going to be taking a lot of photos. And rest assured, I will post them on all of the places where I have an internet presence.

Beautiful but Nameless


Last night I went to a party in a spooky, Gothic castle, where I met this amazing girl. She was beautiful, and sweet, and feisty, and we really hit it off. We were chatting and flirting the entire night. Afterwards, we knew we definitely wanted to see each other again, so we exchanged phone numbers. It was only later that I realised that while I had gotten her number, I had completely forgotten to ask her name! For some reason, I couldn’t just text her or call her, so I went a bit crazy. I tried searching with her phone number on Facebook, but that didn’t turn up anything. So I tried Google, but that didn’t help either. I didn’t manage to get her name.

Later on, I was hanging around with these four guys. For some reason, we had to escape from the cops, so we stole a super-fast car in which we would be able to escape. I was having a huge feeling of deja vu, and I absolutely knew that something terrible was going to happen. We drove really far (which took basically only a few seconds), until we stopped somewhere in the country, with a random school oval on one side of the road, and a little abandoned post office on the other. When we got out of the car, one of the guys had a lump on his shoulder. I started backing away, and said “I’m sorry, I’m really sorry, but you’re going to explode”. And he did. We all jumped onto the oval to avoid the splatter, and started rolling down the hill. Once we stopped rolling, we looked up to see cops coming towards us from the other side of the oval. We tried to indicate the splattered guts, but they either couldn’t see or just chose to ignore it.

The cops ignored me, and headed straight for the guys, as if I wasn’t involved in whatever they had done. I saw the girl from the party coming up behind them, and she walked over to me. She smiled at me, and took my mobile phone, and entered in her name.

The Terror of Bathrooms and Mannequins


Last night I went to a party. It was pretty boring, as most of the guests were people from my high school that I didn’t like. I got a phone call, and was about to ignore it, but then I saw that it was Thor, so I answered. He told me that I should go and pick up my shorts, since he would be leaving the country soon, and he apologised for having them in the first place. I told him not to worry, since it was my fault I left them at his house anyway. Then he got all shocked and offended, and hung up on me. I went to the bathroom, and three people walked in on me. Yes, into one cubicle. They got all shocked and offended as well, and told me off for being there. Why the hazmata is my worst recurring nightmare about people walking in on me in the bathroom? But anyway, I left the party, and then I was outside some spooky house.

The spooky house looked pretty awesome, so I decided to go and explore it. There were lots of creepy mannequin-like statues in the yard, and I kept getting this feeling of being watched. I walked around to the side of the house, which looked a lot like outside my high school art rooms, and entered via a side-door. Waiting for me inside the kitchen were a random and Amy Pond! She told me that the house was under attack, and we mustn’t touch the mannequins. Then we turned around and saw some mannequins already inside the house, descending upon us. We ran outside and tried to escape, but the expendable random got touched by a mannequin, and turned into one. Me and Amy kept running, but then all of a sudden, we were back inside the kitchen, and the mannequins were all outside. I had a sudden epiphany, and decided that if I walked backwards to outside the grounds, then it would rewind time, and none of this would have ever happened. So I ran backwards, trying to avoid the mannequins, when all of a sudden, one touched me! I closed my eyes and decided that it hadn’t happened, as time was rewinding. Because of that, I was fine, and so I kept running away backwards. Finally, I made it beyond the fence, and then all of a sudden, I was with Tara elsewhere.

I was trying to convince Tara to watch Robin Hood with me. Eventually, she agreed, so I put on the first episode. We – and mum – started watching it, but it was a cartoon! It was the cartoon version of Robin Hood featuring Yogi Bear! I was very confused, since I had tested the file earlier, and it was definitely live-action then. I told that to mum and Tara, and swore that it must get better, so we kept watching. Then finally, it became live-action. But it still wasn’t the right Robin Hood. It was just like a live-action version of the old cartoon, and still randomly featured Yogi Bear! But at least mum and Tara liked it.

I’m Like a Schoolgirl, Honestly…


So I haven’t posted in a while, and I realise that my last post was about how I like Tiernan. And that was what, 2 weeks ago? Well, since then, things happened. Well, Jess’s (yes, I am one of those people who adds an extra S after the apostrophe. No, I will not stop just because it is grammatically incorrect) party mainly. Tiernan asked me out. 🙂 I’m like a little schoolgirl, I get so excited. We’re now official! And no, I won’t post any details of anything, that has happened or ever does happen, on the internet.

You know how sometimes you can never be attracted to someone physically, and then all of a sudden you get feelings for them? Well, that wasn’t the case. Way back when I first went up to second floor, I found Tiernan pretty hot. I always thought he was the hottest second floorer (no offense anyone else, but it is fitting after all). He has long, dark, curly hair. I love his hair. 🙂 I even like his facial hair, which is really weird for me. And his eyes are green. At first I thought they were brown, but they’re actually green. And they have flowers in them. I like his clothes. Particularly his jackets. Although I’m not sure which one I prefer yet… And I don’t know if I’ve already mentioned his voice before or not, but it’s awesome too. And he says excellent! How awesome is that? People always seem to think it weird when I say excellent… 😦

Anyway, I’ll stop being crazy now. I should probably go off and teach myself a subject I still don’t know anything about, 2 weeks before the exam. That’s what, 24 lectures and 12 weeks of readings? Yeah, I’m sure to ace this…

When I Am Drunk…

  • I dance! You can tell how much I’ve been drinking by the height of my arms as I dance.
  • I get confused easily. Well, more easily than usual, anyway. If someone tricks me about their name… Grrr… I will then ask everyone else if they are sure that’s what their name is, once they have introduced themselves.
  • I sleep on people’s breasts.
  • I do odd and slightly inappropriate things. Such as touch my best friend’s boyfriend’s tummy…
  • I make weird conversation.
  • I talk a lot.
  • I get wicked screaming skills. Well, I hope I do anyway. I hope it’s not just like Ted in How I Met Your Mother with the drunk beatboxing… But hey! Tara confirmed my scary man voice! So ‘sall good 🙂
  • I sing opera.