Medieval Dreams (Dreams of the Past)


Imagine living in a different time. The past, the future… You might choose to live in the 60’s, with the swingers, and the stoners, and the weird clothes. Or perhaps the year 5000, when hopefully someone might finally have gotten around to inventing flying cars.

Or maybe, just maybe, you’re like me, and would choose to live in the medieval era. I know if I was born there, I would be a dirty little peasant who didn’t get anything nice or fancy. But if I were a medieval noblewoman? Just think of the awesomeness! Sure, people sucked at medicine, and died when they were like 30, but there are still pluses! Just think of the beautiful dresses… Long, and elfin-like… And the stone castles… Sure, they may not be comfy or warm or have electricity or anything, but they sure do look nice. And the music. Ah, the music. Such pretty music they had in the medieval era. I can imagine nymphs dancing around a meadow with medieval music playing. I can imagine pagans celebrating the sabbats in the same field, with the same music. I can imagine some kind of medieval hippy guy, sitting on a rock or tree stump, playing the flute or harp, while those nymphs dance around him. *Sigh* If only the world was still so pretty.

Of course, that’s probably not what it was like at all. People wouldn’t all have been free-spirited music lovers, dancing around meadows and celebrating the sabbats. But it’s nice to imagine. I would like to have seen it.


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