Monthly Archives: January 2014

Life is Bullshit


First, you’re born. You spend a year as a blob, not knowing how to communicate or even move properly. Then you have about three years of fun before you have to start school. Where you’re then stuck for the next thirteen years. After that, you might decide to go to university to try and get a good job at the end of it. So that’s three years of stressful fun (or fun stress, however you decide to word it) there. And then when you’ve finally finished that, you realise that don’t want to work in that field anymore. In fact, you don’t want to work in any field. You just want to have fun and travel. Or maybe settle down in a foreign country and work in a bookstore. But to do that you’ll need money, and to get money you’ll need a job. So you look for jobs. Only they all require either qualifications or experience. So how the fuck are you supposed to get a job when you need experience to get a job that gives you experience?! And if you do somehow manage to get a job, you have to keep working and working for the rest of your life so that you’ll have enough money to live it. Only you won’t actually be able to live it, because you’ll be too busy working. Life is bullshit.