Monthly Archives: December 2012

I Hate People Who Make Too Much Noise On Public Transport


I hate people who listen to music with their phones. I don’t care if you’re actually listening to good music. I don’t care if your earphones are broken. Some people are trying to read. Some people are trying to sleep. And some people are trying to listen to their own damn music!

I hate people who blast music through their earphones at insane volumes. It gets really annoying hearing the music of a song accompanying muffled vocals. And when the whole songs are crystal clear – what even?! I’ve tested my earphones at normal levels. I’ve tested them at ‘too loud’ levels. Even at ‘too damn fucking loud’ levels can I hear music from out of my ears only in a quiet room! Yours must be at ‘torture my ears to death’ levels! Like, seriously, how are your ears still alive?!

I hate people who play musical instruments. I don’t care if you’re good at it. I have my own music to listen to. If I wanted to hear acoustic show-off jamming I would’ve shoved a mic next to a school music room and chucked that on my iPod. Busking in the street is fine. But playing loudly in an enclosed vehicle where no-one can escape? Now that is just not on.