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Baby Faces & 19th Century Facial Hair Do Not Mix!


After watching the movie Carriers last night, my love affair with Lou Taylor Pucci was rekindled. A love affair which – fun fact – began as a result of seeing the music video for Jesus of Suburbia, whilst in my emo phase, and thinking ‘this guy’s pretty hot’.

So yes, after watching Carriers, I looked Lou Taylor Pucci up on Google, you know, to be a stalker and find photos of him. And let me tell you – men with baby faces such as his should NOT grow facial hair from the 1800’s. Really. It does not work. 2009 Sundance Film Festival - "Arlen Faber" Portraits

But anyway, because of this, I have decided to give Thumbsucker another shot. I first tried watching it a few years ago, way back when Tara and I shared the old desktop in her bedroom. But watching a movie on a shared computer, when you can only watch it in like twenty minute segments? Yeah, you get bored after a while. So I gave up on it. But I’ve decided to give it another chance. It’s not actually a bad movie, by the way. It’s about a guy who sucks his thumb, then stuff happens, and then he does drugs. Well, it’s not one of the greatest movies in the world, but it’s not the Human Stain bad.

But back to Carriers! The whole reason for this post! Wow. That was a good movie. It’s about four friends (Lou Taylor Pucci, Chris Pine, Piper Perabo, and Emily van Camp) who are trying to make their way to the beach, in the middle of a virus apocalypse. It’s quite sad. But like I said, good movie. Some parts even got to me like the Thin Red Line and Chronicle. Although not quite on that level. But that’s still an achievement.

Now I suppose I better include a normal picture of Lou Taylor Pucci, so I don’t just look like some weird girl who finds fake emo’s and 19th century gunmen attractive. Okay, I guess I still seem kinda weird. He looks like fifteen. But look at those eyes! And those dimples!

And now I am having one of my insanely obsessive moments, when I am really annoyed that the picture goes down much further than the text. Which is why I’m adding this completely pointless extra paragraph. This really annoys the hell out of me. You can just ignore this bit. Perhaps I’ll say more about how weird I am.

Yes, so Lou Taylor Pucci would have to be one of my more weird crushes. Like Tom Hiddleston (blast you Tara for making fun of me!) and Harry Lloyd (no way in hell am I telling her that I find Viserys Targaryen hot). I don’t think I’ll tell Tara about this one. I mean, I did watch Carriers with her and Ross, after all.

And I’m nearly there! I think I deserve a reward. That was bloody hard work. I suppose I could just attempt to get over my insane perfectionism (is that even a word?). But that’s just too difficult.


Theodore the Ballet Dancer


Last night I went for a walk through a TV show with some friends. We were walking through a kind-of desert-city, which was obviously quite underdeveloped. We walked passed a woman being beheaded, although not very efficiently. My friend Theo, a ballet dancer who looked a lot like Harry Lloyd (yummy) noted that it probably wasn’t a good sign that we didn’t feel very disturbed seeing a woman executed in the street.

We kept walking through the desert, and someone brought up the fact that the shadow would come soon. We then saw it appear far off in the distance, and decided to find a better spot to view it from. We chased the shadow until we overtook it, then hid in a spot where we knew it would be near soon. Which happened to be behind a building from my high school, near a group of people in a court yard. Finally, the shadow appeared again, and covered the court yard in its darkness. Then the darkness disappeared, leaving all the people in the court yard evil with red eyes, and we realised how stupid we were to watch the shadow so closely.

The evil people glanced around, sniffing, and we knew they knew we were there. We ran as fast as we could, before taking off into the air. Because apparently, if you run fast enough, you can fly. We flew through the city (which was a real city now, with the desert nowhere in sight), trying to avoid darkness that kept coming over buildings and streets, because the darkness meant that they were watching. We flew higher and higher, before finally coming across a random tubey blue futuristic bridge in the sky. I started flying towards it, until I noticed that there was an evil Queen inside. Then I attempted to hide behind the wall of the bridge, but I was flying too fast, and flew into it instead. The Queen saw me, and all of a sudden, I was Theo.

She told me that I should leave my current life behind and come with her, to join her in a life of evil. I told her that I loved my family, and would never abandon them like that. She scoffed, and said that was bullshit, since she was my real mother, and therefore she was my family. I told her that just because I was adopted, it didn’t make my parents any less real. That made her angry, and she threw me off the bridge.

Then I was me again, and I was working on a project on a computer at RMIT university. I went to hand it in, but when I found the right teacher, I noticed that I’d left my project at the computer. I went back to the computer, and found not only my project, but my handbag as well. Lucky I forgot my project, else I wouldn’t have noticed my bag missing! I started walking back to the teacher, but came across Theo instead. He was with a girl, and was telling her what happened with the evil Queen. He then told her again what he told the evil Queen, that his adoptive parents were his real parents. He said he knew it was true, because his father was a harpist for a ballet company, and his mother was a ballerina in the same company, and that since he was a ballet dancer himself, he took after them both. Then I watched them kiss.

Plans for World Domination


Tara and I saw a spruiker whilst out shopping today, and it got us talking about what needs to be done when we take over the world. There really are far too many problems in this world, and here are some of our solutions to fix them:

  1. Spruiking will be punishable by death.
  2. There will be literal fashion police. Orange skin, midrif tops, 3D (or otherwise fake) glasses, showing underwear, pants around bums, bumbags, fake school bomber jackets, ugly patterned tights, and excessively slobbish clothing, will all be punishable by death. However, people with good taste in music will be given a warning first. We need to weed out the bad seeds and start breeding good people! Fat people who wear excessively tight clothing will be locked in a gym with little food, until they learn to dress properly for their figure, or until they don’t need to.
  3. Actually evil crimes (murder, rape, and all those horrible crimes against children) will be punishable by torture. This includes all kinds of torture methods, past and present, and a bonus sterilisation. Of course, we may need to breed in telepathy first, so that we don’t accidentally torture any innocent people.
  4. Unnecessary inventions (see iPads, tablets, blu-ray, funny little computer-TV hybrid things, etc.) will be halted immediately, in order to free up inventors to work together on the development of flying cars. We need sky-cities, dammit! A few inventors will be excempt, however. They are to work on inventing hoverboards.
  5. All bad music (that is, music that is bad according to Tara and I, as masters of the universe) will be banned. Producers of said music will be executed. Or perhaps given lessons in what they should be performing/writing/funding/producing. Listeners of said music will be put into rehabilitation programs, unless said listeners have dreadful personalities and/or fashion sense. Then they will be executed.
  6. People who listen to iPods or use their phones while ‘socialising’ will be locked in a room with other antisocial technofreaks until they learn to actually socialise.
  7. All marriages will be legal, with the exception of inter-species marriages. Unless said inter-species marriage is between a human and a humanoid alien. This includes straight marriages, gay marriages, polygamous marriages, and any other marriages that I can’t think of, because really, those are kinda all the options.
  8. All couples (and singles, if they so please) may adopt! There will be certificates for everyone!
  9. People who steal will lose a hand. Yes, I am going back to the old days. Not because I’m a cruel bitch, but because I’ve had too much experience with being stolen from. My home was robbed and my mum’s jewellery all stolen. My sister was pickpocketed and lost $~200 worth of cash and gift cards, as well as her iPod. Being stolen from is not pleasant. So yes, thieves will be treated harshly. Unless they confess before being caught, and return everything. Then they will just get jail time.
  10. Spoilers will be punishable by death. Unless they were specifically requested. On a similar note, movie trailers will be much more vague!
  11. People who post photos of food on Facebook (without any good reason) will be banned from using both cameras (and other photo-taking devices) and computers for a crime-determined length of time. As will people who post photos of themselves pulling stupid poses (as long as the photo is not just a parody of people pulling stupid poses).
  12. Everyone will be equal. Good luck making your own way, everyone.

*Maniacal laugh*

Television Overload


It is official. I watch far too many TV shows. Now, I don’t think I watch too much TV in general. Just that I watch too many shows at once. To be honest, I think it’s lucky I’m not my mother. She gets confused when watching two shows at once. But me? I’m watching nine.

On DVD (or downloaded, just what I can watch whenever I want) I’m currently watching Once Upon a Time, Game of Thrones, and Doctor Who for the first time. I also recently started watching Robin Hood (well, I watched the first episode for Harry Lloyd, and then decided I liked it). And I’m rewatching Charmed and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I would be watching less shows, but every time I watch a show alone, my mum walks in and decides she likes it. First it was Charmed. Then it was Once Upon a Time. Soon I won’t be able to watch Doctor Who without mum there either. Game of Thrones is the only show that I have to wait for everyone to watch. Thank goodness. Otherwise I’d never see anything!

Out of shows that are actually on TV, I’m only watching Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, and Desperate Housewives. Well, I’m also kinda-sorta watching Castle and Packed to the Rafters, but since it’s only kinda-sorta, I don’t think I’ll count them.

I did finish the first season of the Walking Dead not long ago, so I’m technically still watching it, but not really, since I’ll have to wait a while for Tara to get the second season. Same with the next season of Dexter. Mum and I were also watching the Vampire Diaries for a while there, but we kinda lost interest a few episodes into season three.

And then there are the shows I still have to watch! Once we’ve finished watching Game of Thrones, Tara’s making us watch Rome. And then after that, I’m making everyone watch Robin Hood (I’ve still only seen the first episode). I also bought the first episode of Farscape the other day, so I’ve still got that too watch, too.

Bloody hell. That is a lot of shows. I think that’s more than I originally thought. That’s like sixteen! Bloody hell. I really am overloaded on TV shows.