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Les Mis


Last night I went to see Les Miserables at Her Majesty’s Theatre, and I’ve got to say, it was amazing. I hadn’t seen it or read it or anything before the movie came out, but I did really like the movie, so I was looking forward to the stage show a whole bunch. And I was not let down at all. The singing was beautiful, and all the actors’ voices were really strong – way stronger than in all the other shows I’ve seen. Everything was just so well done, and Les Mis has actually surpassed Wicked as my favourite musical now.

  1. Les Miserables
  2. Wicked
  3. Hairspray
  4. Legally Blonde
  5. King Kong
  6. Fame

Now about the actual story, and this will contain spoilers, so stop reading if you haven’t seen it. I went in prepared. Well, as prepared as I could possibly be. But I am a huge crybaby when it comes to fiction – I’m not very emotional in real life, but if something even slightly sad happens in a show or book, my eyes pretty much become waterfalls. So being prepared for tears does not really mean anything for me other than knowing they will occur. And boy, did they occur.

I cried when Fantine sang I Dreamed a Dream. I cried when she died. I cried when Gavroche was introduced. I cried when Enjolras was introduced. I cried every time Enjolras sang. I cried when Eponine died. I cried when Gavroche was about to die. I cried when Gavroche died. I cried when Enjolras was about to die. I cried when Enjolras died. I cried when everyone else died. I cried when Enjolras’ body was brought out on the cart. I cried when Gavroche’s body was added to it. I cried when Marius sang Empty Chairs at Empty Tables. I cried when they sang the Epilogue. I cried when they took their bows. I cried afterwards when remembering what happened. Basically I cried the entire second half of the show and then some.

Oh, and the songs. So many songs gave me shivers. On My Own (which has been stuck in my head ever since and is just so beautiful that I can’t stop singing), Do You Hear the People Sing?, and the Epilogue in particular. And the Thenardiers were hilarious! Most of the songs were better in the stage show than in the movie, and theirs definitely were. I think the only two songs I prefer in the movie are I Dreamed a Dream and Castle on a Cloud.

But yes, Les Miserables was an absolutely amazing show. It astonishes me that some people avoid it on the sole factor that it is literally all singing. Yes, they may sing all of their lines, but it doesn’t take you very long to get used to it and forget that there’s no actual dialogue. Those people are really missing out. I loved the movie, I loved the show, and now it’s time for me to read the book. I hear it’s supposed to murder my emotions even more. How fun.


Productive Procrastination?


I have a 2500 word essay due on Friday. It’s about categorical vs. dimensional approaches to diagnoses in the DSM-5, with regards to eating disorders. Yuck, I know. Especially when eating disorders are: A – boring, and B – not something we have examined in class. Unsurprisingly, I have written two sentences. I really need to work on this whole motivation thing. Especially since I chose to write that essay instead of working on Monday and Wednesday, and since I didn’t actually do any of it, I basically just paid $300 to procrastinate at home instead of at an office. Brilliant. But anyway, my time spent procrastinating wasn’t completely wasted.

In case you don’t know, I am currently studying a Bachelor of Arts with a major in psychology. Practicality says that I should want to be a psychologist after that. But there are a few small problems with that. Firstly, I don’t know what kind I want to be. Originally I wanted to be a forensic psychologist (for people who don’t know what that is, think Sweets from Bones), but those aren’t exactly in high demand. Secondly, I hate research. Research is the worst thing ever. Which not only rules out any type of research psychologist, but also makes further study – which is necessary in order to become a psychologist – extremely undesirable. And thirdly, I doubt I would even be accepted into said further study anyway. Psychology Honours is competitive, and my results are pretty damn mediocre (think around 60-70 average). So in reality, becoming a psychologist is not only looking unlikely, but also something that doesn’t really interest me, aside from being about an interesting topic.

A few years ago – maybe even not that long ago, to be honest – studying was something I felt I had to do, when really I just wanted to have a family. But lately I’ve come to realise that life really shouldn’t be about studying and then having kids, and then getting old and dying. My life should revolve around myself, not around family. So far with my life, I’ve just been playing into my family’s expectations, what with studying in order to get a job. If I did end up getting married and having kids, then that would switch into them being the priority. I would go straight from being a puppet to my parents to being a puppet to my children, without any me time in between. And you know what? I want some goddamn me time. I don’t know why I used to be so concerned with being a young mum. As long as I’m around for them, then that’s enough. In fact, I might not even have them at all. But now that I’ve gotten my priorities in order, if I do end up having them, it will be a long while away yet.

The other day I was in the city, and the Australian Defence Force was collecting donations for Legacy. I only had $4, but I went up to a man from the Army and donated anyway. I had just submitted an essay, so I was in that awesome just-having-submitted-an-essay mood. There were little rewards based on how much you donated, and I asked about this little red $2 pin, and he said I could have the $5 instead, because it was nicer. It was nicer, by the way. I think he was just happy someone finally went up to him. But anyway, I put the pin on my badge bag, and then on the tram a girl asked about what my panda badge meant! And she knew what I was talking about! Yay for recognition! But, anyway, I’m insanely off-topic right now. Back to the freakin’ Defence Force! Okay, so when I got home, I saw one of those ads about joining the Defence Force. And you know what? Being in that awesome mood, I was pretty much open to anything. So I looked up the Australian Defence Force. And I kept looking them up. I’ve been looking at the Navy’s website pretty much every day since. It must seem really bizarre for anyone who knows me (hell, it even seems really bizarre to me!), but it really feels like this is the place for me. One of their priority jobs is as a musician – and yes, they are after vocalists. Although I do believe I would have to obtain an AMusA (or equivalent) or relevant degree beforehand. And obviously I’ll need to work on my fitness. I plan to join a gym later on in the year, so I can work on my strength and stamina in order to be able to do the required push-ups, sit-ups, giant run, and (ugh) beep test. I’m all set for the swimming component though.

So yes, instead of working on an essay, I’ve been considering joining the Royal Australian Navy. And yes, it probably seems insane for someone like me to want to do something like that, but crazy isn’t always bad. Maybe it’s time to question things instead of falling into expectations people have set of me. Maybe it’s time to step up and take charge of my own life. Maybe it’s time for me to do something I can be proud of.

I am a Pushover & My Sister Annoys Me


Next week, Tara and I are going to Soundwave in Brisbane. We have to go to Brisbane because Tara’s a teacher, and Melbourne’s Soundwave is on a weekday.

I was very much looking forward to seeing the Offspring, Garbage, Metallica, Blink 182, and Linkin Park. That is, until I saw the timetables. Garbage clashes with Linkin Park, and Blink 182 and the Offspring clash with Metallica. Fisrtly, what the fuck?! I’ve never seen so many huge bands clashing with each other before. But secondly, I told Tara, and discovered that she really wants to see Linkin Park. It’s her main band. But you see, I really want to see Garbage. They’re not my main band (the Offspring takes that award), but they are awesome. So Tara explains to me that we both love more Linkin Park songs than Garbage songs, so it’s only logical that we see Linkin Park. And I agree.

But hang on just a minute!

Last year we also went to Soundwave in Brisbane. I desperately wanted to see Kittie, but they clashed with Limp Bizkit, who Tara wanted to see. Now, we both listen to heaps more Kittie than Limp Bizkit. Kittie was one of the bands that introduced us to metal in the first place! But we saw Limp Bizkit. Because I am a fucking pushover. But you see my issue here? Tara only uses logic when it works for the bands she wants to see. And while I do agree that it’s better we see Linkin Park instead of Garbage, my biggest regret in life is that I let Tara drag me into seeing Limp Bizkit instead of Kittie.

On another (still, but not equally, frustrating) note, my sister is no longer well trained. Last night she was over for dinner. The only soft drinks we had were coke (intended for mixing purposes) and pepsi max. I put the coke in the freezer so it would be cold in time for dinner (because, you know, coke tastes better, regardless of its original purpose), and the pepsi in the fridge. But when Tara got the drinks, she didn’t realise the coke was in the freezer, and opened the pepsi instead. Now that was all well and good – we could drink pepsi, and I would be able to keep the coke for mixing, like I intended. But then Tara got another drink. And she opened the coke! Who even does that?! The pepsi was already bloody open! You don’t just open another bottle of drink when there’s already one open, no matter how much better it tastes. Especially not at someone else’s house! So thanks Tara. Because of you, I now have two half-full bottles of soft drink, and nothing to mix my alcohol with.

I Hate People Who Make Too Much Noise On Public Transport


I hate people who listen to music with their phones. I don’t care if you’re actually listening to good music. I don’t care if your earphones are broken. Some people are trying to read. Some people are trying to sleep. And some people are trying to listen to their own damn music!

I hate people who blast music through their earphones at insane volumes. It gets really annoying hearing the music of a song accompanying muffled vocals. And when the whole songs are crystal clear – what even?! I’ve tested my earphones at normal levels. I’ve tested them at ‘too loud’ levels. Even at ‘too damn fucking loud’ levels can I hear music from out of my ears only in a quiet room! Yours must be at ‘torture my ears to death’ levels! Like, seriously, how are your ears still alive?!

I hate people who play musical instruments. I don’t care if you’re good at it. I have my own music to listen to. If I wanted to hear acoustic show-off jamming I would’ve shoved a mic next to a school music room and chucked that on my iPod. Busking in the street is fine. But playing loudly in an enclosed vehicle where no-one can escape? Now that is just not on.

Motivation to Drive?


I have decided that mayhaps I might think about finally going for my learner’s. There are two reasons for this recent change of heart. That is, the change of heart from ‘not bothered’ to ‘slightly less not bothered’.


The other day, I wanted to go shopping. That night was Robyn’s 21st, and I needed to get her a birthday present. As well as buy myself some more Bewitched. Tiernan would be meeting me at my house beforehand, and I estimated his arrival time at about 4:30. I decided to go to Plenty Valley, since I’d taken the bus home from there before, and kinda sorta remembered the way. I left at 2:30, giving myself 15 minutes there, 15 minutes back, and half an hour at the shops. Well, at least that’s what I planned.

Before I left, I quickly looked up the route on Journey Planner. It took me to a different bus stop than the time I had caught it home, but I just put that down to the difference in direction. So I got on the bus, and attempted to make my way to Plenty Valley. I sat there happily for a while, and finally noticed that we were approaching Plenty Valley, so I prepared to prepare to get off the bus. We circled Plenty Valley without stopping. I waited a bit longer for the bus to enter the shops, and then, huzzah! We circled it again. Only again, the bus did not stop. I looked around confused for a while, and then figured we’d turn back and circle the shops for a third time, and this time we’d actually stop. Only… we didn’t. We kept driving and driving, until finally I realised that no, willing the bus to take me where I want will not make it so. So I kept waiting. This time, I waited for the bus to stop at a bus stop near lights, so that I could actually cross the street in the middle of nowhere without dying. Finally, it happened, and I managed to catch the bus back five minutes later. I got off at South Morang station, since I could remember seeing the shops when we stopped there on the way. So I walked to the shops, and managed to get there at about 3:30. Yes, what was meant to be a 15 minute trip had somehow taken me about an hour.

I bought my DVD’s (6 seasons for just over $60, yay!) and a gift card for Robyn, and happily went on my way. It was about 4:15 by then (oh shut up, I like shopping, okay?), so I knew I was probably going to get home after Tiernan. By the way, this was a freezing cold windy day, and Tiernan doesn’t have a key. So I texted him, and then I texted mum that she would probably have to let him in. I searched for the bus stop, and found the bus shelters. Yay? But they were not stops, oh no. They bloody well got rid of the bus stops at Plenty Valley! No wonder that bus circled and circled and never entered! Yeah, I should probably mention that the time I caught the bus home from there was about four years ago…

So I walked back to South Morang station. And tried to figure out which bus to catch. There were like nine there! I mean, seriously! But then I decided that the one called Bundoora RMIT was probably my best bet. Until I looked at the map and discovered that it kinda stopped there. So I scratched that idea, and caught the one to Northland. Luckily it took me to Betula. Although not so luckily, by the time it actually go there, it was dark, and as usual, I missed my stop. So I press the button for the next stop, and as I’m waiting there for the doors to open, the driver asks “this one?”. No. I wanted the next next stop. Clearly. So I finally got off the bus, and walked/ran/jiggled/sang my way back home. Aaand finally got there at about 5:30.

So yes. I dislike getting lost in the middle of nowhere. And apparently at a bus stop in the middle of somewhere. It turns 45 minute trips into 3 hour vacations. Although, to be fair, I manage to turn lots of things into 3 hour vacations (ahem, a one-hour trip to Geelong). So perhaps a license might help to fix that! Although, to be honest, I’m not particularly good at directions either…


I am sick of losers driving past my house with their shitty little doof-doof music blaring in my ears. The other day, I was sitting innocently in the lounge room, watching something (or possibly playing the Sims, because I’m awesome like that), when my ears were poisoned by a super-loud and super-clear “Superman that hoe, crank that something YOOOU!”. So I said a little prayer to myself. It went something along the lines of “please don’t be Tara please don’t be Tara”. And then in walks Tara. Bloody Tara! I was ashamed. This house is supposed to be associated with scary screaming music! Or weird cello music! Or 90’s pop music! Or the Corrs! Not this blasphemous crap (I’ll just disregard the fact that it’s on my iPod, shall I?).

Aaand that entire paragraph isn’t particularly relevant… Hmmm… But anyway, yes, I am bloody sick of people blaring their bad music loud! So I would like to blare my good music loud. And my god, let me tell you, blaring good music loud is fun! The other day month year, me and Tara were driving somewhere in her shiny new red Getz. We were just casually sitting there in pink and yellow dresses, windows down, singing along to some Slipknot. Or was it Disturbed? No, I think it was Slipknot. So yes, there we were, listening to Slipknot, when a red light happened next to the tram stop. And you should have seen the number of orange-faced sluts waiting for the tram! Upon hearing our awesome music, all the girls just turned and looked at us. And you should have seen their faces! The looks on their faces upon seeing girly pink and yellow dress-wearers and not face-painted evil-looking goths was priceless!

So I want to be able to freak out people myself, with my own music, in my own car. Which would preferably be a lime green Volkswagen Beetle. Which would probably add to the confusion between the appearance and the music! I believe I would be better at freaking people out than Tara. Or at least confusing people. Either one’s fun, I just bloody love my music! I could play Antichrist Superstar, followed by What if God was One of Us?, followed by Greensleeves, followed by Gilded Cunt… Tehehe. I might even throw some Scottish pirate metal into the mix. All the more to confuse people!

So yes, my reasons for maybe getting my license are not the normal person’s reasons of wanting to get places fast. Oh no. I just want to not get lost, and kill people with my music. Fun times.

Soundwave Dilemma


Ah, Soundwave. The greatest music festival in existence. Well, known to me, anyway. I went in 2010, and it was flipping awesome. AFI, Paramore, HIM… I didn’t actually see Placebo (who were also there), as I was waiting for Paramore at that time, but I did hear them, and that’s how I got into them. But ANYWAY. Soundwave is awesome. I was looking at the line-up last week, and saw Murderdolls there. I know right! Murderdolls! I was so excited. But then I realised I was looking at last year’s line-up. 😦 But THEN (well, today) I found out part of the actual confirmed line-up for next year. And it is already so much better than last year’s anyway! System of a Down, Slipknot, Marilyn Manson, Limp Bizkit, the Used… Oh my God!!! I really, really, REALLY have to go. In that list of 5 bands, 3 of them are the very bands that got me into good music at the age of 10! The first 3, in case you were wondering. The others were Kittie and KoRn. So yes, I absolutely have to go. But- but- but Tara will be a teacher next year! And Melbourne’s having it on a goddamn Friday again! Goddammit. I am trying to help her get her priorities in order, so she can come. Or at least manipulate her school into having a day off on March 2. And I want to go with Tara. It’s our thing. I really want to go, but I really want to go with Tara. But I still really want to go even if she doesn’t go. But she was so excited too. And we did find out about Soundwave before she’s even found out anything about a job yet. I really hope we can go!

We’re going to Brisbane! They’ve got it on a Saturday! Woohoo!

Medieval Dreams (Dreams of the Past)


Imagine living in a different time. The past, the future… You might choose to live in the 60’s, with the swingers, and the stoners, and the weird clothes. Or perhaps the year 5000, when hopefully someone might finally have gotten around to inventing flying cars.

Or maybe, just maybe, you’re like me, and would choose to live in the medieval era. I know if I was born there, I would be a dirty little peasant who didn’t get anything nice or fancy. But if I were a medieval noblewoman? Just think of the awesomeness! Sure, people sucked at medicine, and died when they were like 30, but there are still pluses! Just think of the beautiful dresses… Long, and elfin-like… And the stone castles… Sure, they may not be comfy or warm or have electricity or anything, but they sure do look nice. And the music. Ah, the music. Such pretty music they had in the medieval era. I can imagine nymphs dancing around a meadow with medieval music playing. I can imagine pagans celebrating the sabbats in the same field, with the same music. I can imagine some kind of medieval hippy guy, sitting on a rock or tree stump, playing the flute or harp, while those nymphs dance around him. *Sigh* If only the world was still so pretty.

Of course, that’s probably not what it was like at all. People wouldn’t all have been free-spirited music lovers, dancing around meadows and celebrating the sabbats. But it’s nice to imagine. I would like to have seen it.