Monthly Archives: May 2014

I Finally Believe in the Sexualisation of Women


As a woman, I never really noticed the sexual objectification my gender experiences daily. Until last night. My Omi was visiting from interstate, so we went out to Copacabana, which is a Latin themed restaurant with a show. When the dancers came out, the men were wearing baggy pants and tank tops. The women were wearing underwear. When they brought audience members on stage, the man was taught some stretches and how to cartwheel. The woman was the butt of a rape joke and taught to dance provocatively. To all those feminists I have dismissed in the past for exaggerating sexualisation – I’m sorry. I believe you now.

* * * * *

I already posted this on Tumblr, but since this is my main blog, I didn’t like the idea of something being posted elsewhere with no record of it here. So sorry to anyone who happens to read both this blog and my Tumblr (which won’t be many, if any, as I only have like four followers on Tumblr), but there will probably be a lot of double posts like this.