Harry Potter Alignment Chart


After having discovered several alignment charts on the internet (Firefly, Game of Thrones, etc.), I decided it was time to make my own. If anyone doesn’t know what an alignment chart is, it’s just a fancy name for a picture with characters from a show/movie/book for each of the nine D&D alignments. I did one on Harry Potter, which was pretty easy, because there are so many characters:

Would you agree with the characters I’ve chosen for each? I considered Dobby for lawful neutral, but then it occurred to me that’s only at the start, and he ends up more neutral good. Filch seems a bit evil, but he really only ever does as he’s told. I also considered Draco for chaotic neutral, but then I realised that he’s probably more lawful evil. So who would you choose for each?


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  1. Nice to see one of these done by someone who understands the D&D definition of “evil”.

    Also, I’m reasonably certain you got Umbridge and Bellatrix switched. Bellatrix is a fully indoctrinated Death Eater, following their code to the letter, while Umbridge (a government official) basically says “Unforgivable Curses? Meh. I’ll do one anyway.”

  2. I think all of these are great! I think the best fit is Sirius unde chaotic good! Mad Eye would also probably be chaotic good. Any of the centaurs could also probably fit under Lawful Neutral; Firenze? And Greyack could be chaotic evil.

    But honestly these are just alternatives, I think the one’s you have are best and fit best. Again, Sirius is definitly my favorite choice on there! Fits so very very well. And a great quote for it.

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    • I was going for the self-aligned true neutral route rather than the druid-like balance one, as Snape only switched sides due to his own feelings for Lily. Bane definitely seems true neutral in the druid sense though!

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