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I Am A Stubborn Person


But not so stubborn that I can’t listen to people’s arguments, recognise when my opinion is the wrong one, and change it accordingly.

I used to think we shouldn’t be a part of the war. I wondered what the point even was in the first place. That we just jumped on America’s bandwagon. And while I still hate the idea of war – while I still think that no-one should be there – I now think that we have to be there. Australia is a tiny place. America is huge and powerful. We need them as allies. We can’t risk losing them by running away.

I used to be opposed to safe injecting rooms. I thought they would do nothing but encourage drug use. But then I realised – hang on, a druggie’s a druggie. They’re going to use no matter whether there’s a place for them or not. But at least it’s better that they shoot up in a safe place, with clean needles, than out there on the street where they could contract HIV.

I used to think cigarettes should be illegal. That if I took over the world, I would make them so. And God, I still hate that anyone smokes. The smell is disgusting. It’s addictive. And it’s absolutely horrible that people have to suffer through things like lung cancer and emphesema, and even die as a result. It’s horrible and I hate it. But cigarettes are taxed. A lot. And the government needs to get money somehow.

I used to hate the idea of child safety harnesses. That is, leashes for children. I thought it was a horrible thing to do, and that the parents were just treating their children like dogs. But then I heard the arguments, and now I realise that is so not the case. If a child is a runner, they’re going to let go of their parent’s hand. They might pull away, or seize their chance when their parent has to let go of them for the tiniest second. But either way, they’re going to run off. It’s much better that they have the freedom to run around while still staying close to their parent. And safety harnesses provide that. My sister was a runner – she had one. I wasn’t, so I didn’t.

Even my views on abortion are starting to change. Don’t get me wrong, I still think it is an awful thing to do. But if it were illegal, it would just result in women having dangerous, black-market abortions. And much like injecting rooms, it’s better if they do it safely. Because like I said in my original post regarding abortion, the mother’s health should always be put first.

So when my (stubborn-as-hell) opinion can change when listening to other people’s arguments, or, more importantly, when listening to plain, raw facts, I wonder why on earth it is so damn difficult for other people to change theirs.


Celebrity Look-a-Likes Pt. 4


32. Candice Accola & Caterina Scorsone
Candice Accola & Caterina Scorsone

33. Amy Smart & Laurie Holden & Peta Wilson
Amy Smart & Laurie Holden & Peta Wilson

34. Chris Evans & John Barrowman
Chris Evans & John Barrowman

35. Leighton Meester & Kerry Bishé
Leighton Meester & Kerry Bishe