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Dreams of Ice and Fire


A while ago I posted a blog about some bizarre dreams I’ve had. Well, the other day I had another weird dream.


For some reason, I had lots of brothers and sisters, and I was with them at a fun park. My twin brother and teenage sister wanted to go on the Scooby Doo ride, so all three of us went on together. We found out that apparently people had lost hands while going under the swinging axes, so we had to be careful to duck. We got on the ride, and as we got to the swinging axes, we put our hands down and ducked so much that our heads were in our laps. But once we had gone past the axes, the ride screwed up, and we went backwards underneath the axes again! We kept going back and forth and back and forth under the axes, until finally the ride fixed itself and we managed to get to the end.

We got out of the ride, and then all of a sudden I was pregnant. The ride operator came over to us and scolded me, because pregnant women aren’t allowed to ride rollercoasters. We walked over to our seats, where our teenage sister was waiting, even though she had supposedly been on the ride with us. The fun park had turned into a public swimming pool, and apparently Bran and Rickon Stark were our little brothers. I asked my sister where Bran was, and she said he was in the pool with Rickon.

Then all of a sudden I was sitting with my twin brother, my teenage sister, and some random friends, in a circle on the floor. I turned around and saw Bran and Rickon walking towards us. When they got to us, I looked up at Bran and asked him what was going on, surprised that he was somehow walking. Then time rewound, and the boys were back in the pool. Turns out Bran couldn’t walk after all.


I thought I might also mention the dream I had a little while ago, since it fits in with the ‘a Song of Ice and Fire’ theme. This dream was set at an airport.

I was with Jon Snow at the airport, and for some reason, people were giving out free bastard swords. We got in line for a sword, and as we were lining up, I giggled and said to Jon, “a bastard sword for a bastard!” (in a friendly teasing way). But when we finally got our swords, airport security confiscated them. We were very annoyed, and kept asking why everyone else got to keep their swords, but we didn’t. It didn’t help though, and we never got our swords back.

Then Jon and I went to look at shopping stalls in the airport. We got to one, and it was run by Viserys Targaryen! For some reason, he was mad at us, so he kept throwing things at our heads. I randomly picked up a Chinese hat and used it as a shield. Then, when Viserys ran out of objects to throw (which had included ladles and fry-pans), I threw the Chinese hat at him, knocking him out.


Burning the Flag


Aboriginals. They really don’t do anything to help their cause, do they? A long while ago I posted a huge rant about Aborigines and all the racism surrounding them. Not just aimed at them, but involving them too. If I was pissed off then, it’s nothing compared to what I am now.

That was a video of a group of Aboriginal protesters burning the Australian flag. After an attack on the Prime Minister, Julia Gillard. And on Australia Day, no less. These poor excuses for human beings are the reason Aborigines get such a bad rep. These ‘people’ are disrespecting our country, our leaders, and everything our people have fought for.

If you want acknowledgment, then bloody well ask for it! Do not expect to disrespect my country and be given everything you want in return. If someone did that to me, they would get nothing. I would just take more and more, out of spite for their insolence.

But God knows what they want now anyway. More acknowledgment? They’ve already been apologised to – that is, an innocent man being forced to say “sorry” to a group of people who didn’t exist at the time of the original incident. We already have to make huge speeches about “original land” before saying what’s really important – sometimes even at funerals. They already get benefits for everything, including funding and reserved places in employment/education – even those who are wealthy or have less qualifications.

Europeans won this country fair and square. Yes, we invaded. But the bottom line is, we won. If you wanted the claim to Australia, you should have fought the Europeans off when they first got here. But you failed.

And don’t try and tell us that the Australian flag isn’t inclusive of everyone, and then force your Aboriginal flag upon us. Where am I in your little flag? I see no white above the red. I see only black. Your flag represents the colours of the earth, sun and people. The Australian flag represents the place. I think we can tell whose flag is more representative.

Facebook Stalking


Aaah, the internet. They make it so much easier for you to stalk people now! Well, ‘they’ and the idiots who make their profiles public so that any old stalker/pedophile/serial killer/employer can see. Facebook tells you everything nowadays:

  • Which guy from your class is getting an enormous tacky tattoo on his back.
  • Which girl from your class is pregnant with baby number two at 18.
  • Which couple is getting married.
  • Which girl shaves her eyebrows and draws them on as rectangles.
  • Which people from school still keep in touch with the creepy teacher.
  • What your teacher looked like at her own 21st.
  • What lame poses are considered ‘hot’ (ahem, girls thrusting in at the hips and arching back, hands on hips, with fish lips).
  • Where people have gone on holidays.
  • Which people are compulsive likers.

Okay, that last one isn’t stalking. But it can be amusing. Sigh. I meant to write an actual post about Facebook stalking. Instead, it just turned into a failed list. Oh well. I’m tired. G’night!

Aeriana of the Wood


Okay, so I’ve finally done some more work on my D&D character! She’s a slutty young Elven archer (only 21) with porcelain skin, white-blonde hair and violet eyes. She’s charming, witty, self-assured, suspicious, adaptable, easy-going, flexible, wild, thoughtful, competitive, driven, impulsive, and worships the deities Melora and Sehanine. Her alignment is chaotic neutral.

I invented a very detailed background for her. It kinda explains why she’s such a slut. Well, not really, but it’s good enough for me. Oh well. Here is Aeriana’s back story:

Aeriana is the daughter of Aeryn (a thief) and Anya (a hooker). She was born during a huge storm in the Elven Wood, while her father was out trying to steal from a king. Aeryn was caught, and executed, so Aeriana was raised by her mother. Anya took the death of her husband hard, and let herself go, getting all dishevelled and quitting her job. As they were poor without Aeryn, and with Anya no longer working, Aeriana had to earn money herself. She became an exotic dancer, and occasionally delved into prostitution.

Whilst exploring the forest in her 16th year, Aeriana befriended a young male half-elf archer/rogue, by the name of Valerian. He was from the same kingdom as the king who executed Aeryn. But Aeriana didn’t blame him for his king’s actions, and they became best friends (with benefits as well). He had previously infiltrated an evil party in order to gain secrets and gold, and was now on the run from them after having been discovered. Valerian taught Aeriana wicked-awesome archery skills, and she taught him how to seduce people.

They kept their relationship a secret from everyone, until one day, her mother found out about them. She blamed him for the death of Aeryn, and went searching for the evil party Valerian had betrayed, and told them where to find him. They killed Valerian horribly, unaware that Aeriana had seen them. She silently ran and got her bow, and killed all of Valerian’s killers, but as the last one was dying, he told Aeriana that Anya had revealed Valerian to them.

Aeriana confronted her mother, and a hatred brewed. Aeriana would never forgive Anya, and either killed her, or left her to be all depressed about the fact that she made her daughter hate her. But whatever Aeriana did, she ran off to become a mercenary, and never speaks of her mother.

So yes, that is the story of Aeriana of the Wood. Our parties are really messed up, so we’re gonna be pretty screwed… But as long as there’s gold and loot, then my character will be happy!

Harry Potter Alignment Chart


After having discovered several alignment charts on the internet (Firefly, Game of Thrones, etc.), I decided it was time to make my own. If anyone doesn’t know what an alignment chart is, it’s just a fancy name for a picture with characters from a show/movie/book for each of the nine D&D alignments. I did one on Harry Potter, which was pretty easy, because there are so many characters:

Would you agree with the characters I’ve chosen for each? I considered Dobby for lawful neutral, but then it occurred to me that’s only at the start, and he ends up more neutral good. Filch seems a bit evil, but he really only ever does as he’s told. I also considered Draco for chaotic neutral, but then I realised that he’s probably more lawful evil. So who would you choose for each?



Abortion. One of the most controversial issues out there. I know my views on abortion. And as much as it may seem otherwise, I don’t want to be forcing my opinions onto others. But I do want people to understand the reasoning behind my argument.

People who are in favour of abortion are labelled as pro-choice. Why is that? Because women should get to choose what goes on with their bodies? Yes, that is true. But the thing is, regarding most pregnancies, the woman already made a choice. She made a choice to have sex. She made a choice not to use protection. She already had two chances to make her choice. But now, because of her choices, there is another human being in the picture. And what about their choice?

But of course, unfortunately, there are some instances in which women don’t get these choices. Contraception can fail, and women do get raped. Which is why I am not against a woman having an abortion, if their pregnancy resulted from rape. If a woman were forced to bear the child of the man who raped her, then her mental health would most likely suffer greatly. And as much as I care about the rights of the unborn child, medically, the health of the mother is always put first.

Which is why I also believe abortion is acceptable in instances where the mother’s health is at risk in other ways. If being pregnant, or giving birth, is a danger to the woman’s health, or prevents the treatment of present medical issues, then abortion may be necessary, in order to save the woman’s life.

But in most other situations, when a woman simply makes a stupid decision, or changes her mind, then I believe abortion should be illegal. Because in my opinion, abortion is still the murder of a human baby.

However, it is still debatable as to whether aborting a fetus is still the same as killing a human child. People are still yet to reach an agreement about that. I guess it’s up to you. But is killing an intern still killing a doctor? Is killing a pregnant woman still killing a mother? If you go back in time and kill Jeffrey Dahmer before he murdered anyone, is that still killing a serial killer? In my opinion, the answer to all three of those questions is ‘yes’. But whatever you decide; whatever opinion you may form – that’s up to you.

But if you are considering abortion, just remember – while you may not be able to provide for your child, or give them the love they deserve, there are millions of people out there who desperately want a child of their own, but are physically unable to have one. What to you, is a curse, would come as a huge blessing to those people. So remember, if you have to make a choice, adoption is the better one.


I apologise if any part of this post seems as though I am forcing my opinions onto anyone, or trying to guilt anyone into changing their opinions. That was most definitely not my intention, and remember, I did post a warning on the about page.