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My First OTP


I was introduced to shipping relatively recently. Like three years ago recently. And I ship a lot of characters. I ship like twenty characters. But one thing that always baffled me was that elusive OTP. Apparently everyone had an OTP. Some people had four thousand OTPs, which baffled me even more, since the O is supposed to stand for one. And yeah, my ships are adorable and all, but none of them evoked the sheer emotional destruction that is supposed to go hand in hand with an OTP.

Until now.

I was introduced to Tumblr relatively recently. Like a year ago recently. And in that time, I saw so many posts (especially gifsets) about shows I hadn’t seen yet. Some I hadn’t even heard of. Like In the Flesh. From the posts, I discovered that In the Flesh was a romance show about high functioning zombies. I thought that seemed like an interesting take on the zombie genre, so I decided to watch it.

Oh my.

In the Flesh turned out not be a pure romance at all, but rather a general drama show. I’ve got to say, I’d probably be better off right now if it had just been a romance. Because my emotions are not okay! Anyone who knows me knows that I get really worked up about discrimination. And my feelings about its portrayal in fiction are pretty contradictory, as on one hand, I love the realism that it brings, but on the other hand, witnessing it makes me physically angry. X-Men did it with mutants. Dark Angel did it with transgenics. And In the Flesh is doing it with Partially Deceased Syndrome sufferers (the show’s medical term for zombies).

But the show isn’t all just anger.

And that’s where the the romance aspect comes into it. Despite the fact that quite a bit of my anger at the show revolves around the relationships between characters, they’re still so easy to get caught up in. Watching Kieren grow and learn to accept himself as a result of his relationship with Simon… Watching Simon struggle between between upholding his beliefs and honouring and protecting the man he loves… It drives me crazy. It’s beautiful and sad and maddening and grounding and inspiring all at once.

And if this show doesn’t get renewed for season three… If I am left with less than six hours of footage of my very first (and probably only) OTP… Oh I won’t exaggerate. I’ll just be very very sad.


Foot-Chopping, Onwards!


In my previous post, I briefly discussed how same-sex marriage would not encourage all sorts of ‘horrifying’ relationships, including polyamory, polygamy, bestiality, and incest. I said that comparing completely different types of relationships is “like saying that by tickling someone, you’re encouraging them to chop someone else’s foot off”. In this post, I will discuss why I put the word ‘horrifying’ in quotation marks.

If multiple people want to be in a relationship, then what is so wrong with that?! They’re consenting adults. If Katie dates Jim (who also dates Claire) and Michael (who also dates Aaron), then how is that anyone else’s business besides Katie, Jim, Claire, Michael, Aaron, and anyone else they happen to be dating? No-one’s cheating on anyone. No-one’s oppressing anyone. So please, enlighten me – how is it wrong?

If you get creeped out easily, then I’d suggest running away as fast as you can. Or, you know, pressing the little X button in the corner of the screen. Because I am about to discuss incest. Objectively. I take pride in my ability to be objective about difficult issues. But anyway. When asked about incest, most people will say that it is morally wrong. When asked why, most of them will say something about the health risks posed to their children. But then they’re told the truth about health risks caused by incest – that they’re actually quite rare. Or that the incestuous couple in question don’t want children, or are infertile, or don’t want to have sex at all. But they’ll still say that incest is wrong. Ask them why again, and they’ll just go ’round in circles – “incest is wrong because… it’s just wrong”. But if an adult couple consents to incest, then there’s really nothing inherently wrong with it. The only argument against it is the squick factor.

My quotation marks didn’t include bestiality, by the way. Non-human animals can’t consent to a relationship with humans. That’s just rape.

Love is Love, Regardless of Gender


I have basically one political belief. And that is that gay marriage should be legal.

People do not choose who they love. They fall in love. They don’t jump in love. And if two people are in love, then they should have the right to show that love in a legally recognised way like marriage – no matter what gender they are.

Some people say that they already do. That they can already have their relationship legally recognised through a civil union. But that brings up the issue of equality. They’re not equal rights if people in same-sex relationships get an entirely different thing.

Some people say that marriage is a religious thing. That religion defines marriage as the formal union between a man and a woman, and that same-sex marriage defies that. But if marriage is so religious, then why can I get married? I’m not religious. I don’t believe in any higher beings. I’ll start believing this crap about marriage being religious the moment people like me are forbidden from getting married.

Some people say that people who endorse gay marriage are trying to redefine marriage. To them, I quote Cynthia Nixon, who said this beautifully: “Gay people who want to marry have no desire to redefine marriage in any way. When women got the right to vote, they did not redefine voting. When African-Americans got the right to sit at a lunch counter, alongside white people, they did not redefine eating out. They were simply invited to the table.” So why don’t we stop living in the past, and invite people in same-sex relationships to that lovely little table we call marriage?

Some people say that legalising gay marriage will encourage same-sex relationships. But like I said, people don’t choose who they love. Straight men/women aren’t going to marry some random other man/woman just because they can. They’re going to marry someone because they love them (or to get citizenship, but honestly, that happens already, so gay marriage is gonna have no impact on that). So that kind of ‘logic’ is absolutely ridiculous.

Some people take it even further, by claiming that legalising gay marriage will encourage all sorts of ‘horrifying’ relationships, like polyamory, polygamy, bestiality, and incest. Now that is just even more ridiculous. How can one type of relationship encourage another completely different one? That’s like saying that by tickling someone, you’re encouraging them to chop someone else’s foot off. So not related.

When I see people make arguments against gay marriage, I feel angry. It physically angers me. It angers me so much that finding out someone was against gay marriage would significantly lower my opinion of them. I don’t understand how anyone could be so selfish as to want to prevent other people from doing something, when that thing wouldn’t even affect them in the first place. Because same-sex marriage wouldn’t affect the people who are against it. I have never come across a gay person who was against gay marriage, yet all for straight marriage. It’s either all or nothing.

In my opinion, they have three options:

  1. Abolish all marriage.
  2. Give religious people in religious relationships marriage, and everyone else civil unions.
  3. Let couples get married, regardless of gender or religion.

You’d think it would be a simple choice. Religion would be too hard to monitor, so 2’s out. And surely people want to get married, so 1’s out. That leaves 3. See! What a brilliantly simple decision! But apparently some people fail to see that.

I’m straight, and I believe in gay marriage. Good luck meeting me if you don’t.



I walked into a room and found a hot guy lying on a bed. I walked over to him, and he jumped up and swirled me around. It turned out his name was Glen, and he was supposed to be basically Norman Reedus (though in hindsight, they were nothing alike). I dragged him out of that room and into my own, where we found some family friends. They were dropping off a teacup piglet and a miniature stag as a gift for my family. The pig and the stag ran around all cute-like, and played with each other. At one point they ran towards my legs, so I jumped up onto Glen’s back. He doubled over in pain, because it turns out the reason he was lying down was because he had a sore back. I apologised, and he was alright again. Then we started making out. He told me he loved me (that was fast), and after a moment’s hesitation, I told him I loved him as well (what even?).

All of a sudden, we were at uni, and had somehow gotten separated. I ran into Matt, and he told me that his iPod had ran out of battery, and he had nothing to keep him occupied during a long train ride that night. So I lent him my own iPod (why is my dream self so crazy?) and went off looking for other people. I realised that now I had nothing to keep myself occupied on my own long trip home, but then all of a sudden I found an old iPod in my pocket. It was basically dead, but somehow it still played a limited number of songs. And it was brown.

But anyway, I made my way to the exit, and found that there was a man there with an incredible witchdar (witch radar), and in order to leave the uni, we had to be sorted by him into ‘witch’ or ‘mortal’. I got in line, and saw Glen waiting ahead of me. Apparently he was a witch now, so we gave each other a little look as to ‘I wonder if he’ll get me right’. But the witchdar man said Glen was a mortal, and then Glen went outside. I was wearing a gigantic black cross around my neck (seriously?), so I expected him to pick me as a witch, even though I was a mortal. But he picked me as a mortal as well, which made me feel jealous of all the people who did get picked as witches.

I went outside, and called out to Glen, who was walking a few metres in front of me. I caught up to him, and kissed him hello. We met up with Grace underneath a eucalyptus tree, and started chatting. But then Glen started freaking out about how there were bugs on him. I didn’t see any, but Grace told him that she had bugs too. I told her off for encouraging his hallucination, but then the bugs got on me as well! They were tiny bugs that had come from the eucalyptus tree, so we moved away from it.

Then Glen was being a flirt (though he was still in love with me). I told him that he was too damn charming, and that he could get anyone to go out with him. Then we played Pokemon.

I Fail At Life


I am like a child. The other day, I tried to write a poem the other day about all the things that are wrong with me. Of course, the poem failed, but I still had all the topics planned out for each verse. And the most normal one was the fact that I’m like a child. I fail at all these adult things. Picking up on stuff, knowing people, falling for people, figuring things out for myself… Ugh.

The guy I would like to flirt with me gives mixed signals. Very mixed signals. And then there’s this other guy who seems like he is flirting with me. And I’m just thinking to myself “please stop flirting with me, because I’d rather it came from the other guy”. But I keep talking, because I don’t want to seem rude. And so then I get paranoid that he thinks that my ordinary talking is me flirting with him. And then I get paranoid that the way he sees me is the same way I see the other guy. And then I feel sad.

As well as the childlike verse, there were also five other planned verses. One of them was about how I never seem to get sad about anything other than shallow problems like men. One of them was about how I’m so damned socially awkward and shy. Another one was partly to do with me being insecure, but also related to occasional conflicting feelings. Another related to my mind and love. The last, and weirdest verse, is a secret I shall never tell.



What do you count as an anniversary? First time you met? First time they asked you out (or vice versa)? First time you kissed? First date? First time you had sex? First “I love you”? Anniversaries are confusing. High school anniversaries are easy. It’s just “will you go out with me?” and “yes” and you’re dating all of a sudden! Wedding anniversaries are obviously even easier. But normal dating anniversaries? What the flip! When on earth do you become ‘official’? I’m so indecisive that I left my Facebook relationship status (ah, the obsession with technology nowadays) hidden until my boyfriend changed his. I suppose I’ll go by our first kiss for mine. It happened between the asking out and the first date, so it was pretty obvious we were dating then. But what about everyone else? What about people who do it the proper way, with the asking out, then the first date, and then the first kiss? Anniversaries sure are confusing.

And the anniversaries themselves. When do you celebrate them? I mean, there are some people out there who celebrate their ‘one week anniversary’. WTF? That’s not an anniversary! How lame! Perhaps the first month is understandable. And six months is okay too. Obviously, yearly anniversaries are fine, since they actually are anniversaries. But every month? Some people actually do that! I even saw someone who planned to celebrate their ’13 month anniversary’. Um… You have already made it to a year! Monthly anniversaries after a year just seem completely redundant! But whatever. Some people are just crazy. I’m good with yearly, thank you. And possibly for the first 6 month one, if my boyfriend wanted to. But seriously, a week? Shoot me in the foot.

I’m Like a Schoolgirl, Honestly…


So I haven’t posted in a while, and I realise that my last post was about how I like Tiernan. And that was what, 2 weeks ago? Well, since then, things happened. Well, Jess’s (yes, I am one of those people who adds an extra S after the apostrophe. No, I will not stop just because it is grammatically incorrect) party mainly. Tiernan asked me out. 🙂 I’m like a little schoolgirl, I get so excited. We’re now official! And no, I won’t post any details of anything, that has happened or ever does happen, on the internet.

You know how sometimes you can never be attracted to someone physically, and then all of a sudden you get feelings for them? Well, that wasn’t the case. Way back when I first went up to second floor, I found Tiernan pretty hot. I always thought he was the hottest second floorer (no offense anyone else, but it is fitting after all). He has long, dark, curly hair. I love his hair. 🙂 I even like his facial hair, which is really weird for me. And his eyes are green. At first I thought they were brown, but they’re actually green. And they have flowers in them. I like his clothes. Particularly his jackets. Although I’m not sure which one I prefer yet… And I don’t know if I’ve already mentioned his voice before or not, but it’s awesome too. And he says excellent! How awesome is that? People always seem to think it weird when I say excellent… 😦

Anyway, I’ll stop being crazy now. I should probably go off and teach myself a subject I still don’t know anything about, 2 weeks before the exam. That’s what, 24 lectures and 12 weeks of readings? Yeah, I’m sure to ace this…