Soundwave Dilemma


Ah, Soundwave. The greatest music festival in existence. Well, known to me, anyway. I went in 2010, and it was flipping awesome. AFI, Paramore, HIM… I didn’t actually see Placebo (who were also there), as I was waiting for Paramore at that time, but I did hear them, and that’s how I got into them. But ANYWAY. Soundwave is awesome. I was looking at the line-up last week, and saw Murderdolls there. I know right! Murderdolls! I was so excited. But then I realised I was looking at last year’s line-up. 😦 But THEN (well, today) I found out part of the actual confirmed line-up for next year. And it is already so much better than last year’s anyway! System of a Down, Slipknot, Marilyn Manson, Limp Bizkit, the Used… Oh my God!!! I really, really, REALLY have to go. In that list of 5 bands, 3 of them are the very bands that got me into good music at the age of 10! The first 3, in case you were wondering. The others were Kittie and KoRn. So yes, I absolutely have to go. But- but- but Tara will be a teacher next year! And Melbourne’s having it on a goddamn Friday again! Goddammit. I am trying to help her get her priorities in order, so she can come. Or at least manipulate her school into having a day off on March 2. And I want to go with Tara. It’s our thing. I really want to go, but I really want to go with Tara. But I still really want to go even if she doesn’t go. But she was so excited too. And we did find out about Soundwave before she’s even found out anything about a job yet. I really hope we can go!

We’re going to Brisbane! They’ve got it on a Saturday! Woohoo!


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