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Some People Just Can’t Speak English


It’s no surprise to people when I say that I hate it when people get words wrong. But it happens. And it happens all the bloody time. I’m sure you already know about my hatred of the misuse of the word ‘literally’. But there’s more. Much more.

I hate it when people get similar words mixed up. No, you’re and your are not the same. No, where, were, we’re, and wear are not the same either. And you did not loose your bloody phone! I can understand people getting these words mixed up if they’re (note: not their or there) about five. But those are some of the first words people learn! And if you’re still getting them confused when you’re twenty, then you’re just stupid.

I hate it when people pronounce ‘negotiate’ as ‘nə-GO-see-ayt’. There is no ‘C’ in negotiate! If anything, you should be saying ‘nə-GOAT-ee-ayt’! But that sounds stupid, doesn’t it? So if you really want to be pompous with your ‘-iate’ and ‘-iation’ endings, then avoid words like ‘negotiate’, where the ‘sh’ sound isn’t made by a letter that can sound like ‘s’.

I also hate it when people mispronounce ‘vulnerable’. No, you’re not feeling ‘vunerable’. No, you’re not feeling ‘vonerable’. You’re feeling ‘vulnerable’. See that little ‘l’ there? It’s not a hallucination. It has a point. I was so very happy when I heard Summer Glau say the word ‘vulnerable’. I would have (note: not would of) been so disappointed if one of my favourite actresses couldn’t say words properly.

I hate it when people put ‘an’ in front of all vowels, and not just vowel sounds. I also hate it when people put ‘a’ in front of all consonants, and not just consonant sounds. They’re usually the same culprits. I think they should all go back to school. Apple is not an unique name. Ned Stark is not a honourable man. Apple is a unique name, and Ned Stark is an honourable man, but the only thing the first (hypothetical, since the first actual sentences were only my reply to it) sentence tells us is that the person writing it is an idiot.

Oh, and by the way, there is a big difference between seven eighths and seven eights – 55.125, in fact.


Damn This Backwards Evolution of Speech!


I feel the need to say the word ‘pleasure’. I want to meet someone who will say “pleased to meet you”, to which I shall reply “oh, but the pleasure is mine”. But oh no, people don’t say “pleased to meet you” anymore. They say “nice to meet you”, or “good to meet you”. Which is really quite depressing. Because I want to be able to act like a creepy mistress from the past. Or, you know, a chivalrous gentleman, but creepy mistress just sounds so much more fun! In my head it comes complete with hand-kissing and a limo and looking like Jessica Rabbit. Which doesn’t particularly make sense. But even so…

On another ‘Damn This Backwards Evolution of Speech!’ note, that blasted dictionary has decided to add more stupid ‘words’ to its word list. According to Oxford Dictionary, I may now use the ‘words’ tweeps, totes, ridic, lolz, Wikipedian, ripped, vajazzle, and mwahahaha, in an essay if I so please. Even though despite the fact that all of them are some form of slang, they’ve also spelt ‘muahahaha’ incorrectly. It’s totally a U, Oxford. Oh, no, hang on. According to your failed list, it’s totes a U.