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What do you count as an anniversary? First time you met? First time they asked you out (or vice versa)? First time you kissed? First date? First time you had sex? First “I love you”? Anniversaries are confusing. High school anniversaries are easy. It’s just “will you go out with me?” and “yes” and you’re dating all of a sudden! Wedding anniversaries are obviously even easier. But normal dating anniversaries? What the flip! When on earth do you become ‘official’? I’m so indecisive that I left my Facebook relationship status (ah, the obsession with technology nowadays) hidden until my boyfriend changed his. I suppose I’ll go by our first kiss for mine. It happened between the asking out and the first date, so it was pretty obvious we were dating then. But what about everyone else? What about people who do it the proper way, with the asking out, then the first date, and then the first kiss? Anniversaries sure are confusing.

And the anniversaries themselves. When do you celebrate them? I mean, there are some people out there who celebrate their ‘one week anniversary’. WTF? That’s not an anniversary! How lame! Perhaps the first month is understandable. And six months is okay too. Obviously, yearly anniversaries are fine, since they actually are anniversaries. But every month? Some people actually do that! I even saw someone who planned to celebrate their ’13 month anniversary’. Um… You have already made it to a year! Monthly anniversaries after a year just seem completely redundant! But whatever. Some people are just crazy. I’m good with yearly, thank you. And possibly for the first 6 month one, if my boyfriend wanted to. But seriously, a week? Shoot me in the foot.