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Support Matters


I’ve been looking through old photos recently, and they’ve gotten me thinking about the relationship I have with my father. Our personalities often clashed when I was growing up, and in all honesty, we didn’t get along very well. I didn’t particularly care when he moved out, and with regards to our relationship, I’m a lot happier now.

The thing is, my dad just wasn’t very supportive. He had a good relationship with Tara. She was athletic, and a good swimmer, and enjoyed cycling. But my dad just couldn’t accept that I wasn’t like that. I preferred reading and writing and drawing and singing, to going outdoors and playing sports. But according to him, those weren’t valid interests. He tried to push me with my swimming, and criticised me when I never got any better. Not being very good with confrontation, the only way I could bring myself to tell him my feelings about this was to write him a letter – which he promptly tore up in front of me.

Even now that I’m an adult, he still hasn’t gotten much better. He continually grills into me for not having a job (as though I can control the employment market) or a drivers license (as though his teaching wasn’t what scared me off). And funnily enough, those are the only two things he ever asks me about every few months when I see him. Oh, and one other question – whether or not I have a boyfriend yet. Except for the last time I saw him, when he followed that by asking if I have a girlfriend. Which brings me to my next point.

My dad is a huge homophobe. He goes on about how being gay is unnatural and a disorder, and that he could cure it if he had enough money. Whenever Tara or I call him out for it, he says (and I paraphrase) “[he] can’t possibly be a homophobe because [he’s] not scared of gay people, [he] just think[s] there’s something wrong with them, and anyway [he has] gay friends”. Fine dad, you’re being heterosexist. Whatever you decide to call it, it’s incredibly bigoted. Tara once asked him what he would do if she were gay. He scoffed and told her (and I actually quote this time, not just paraphrase) “don’t be stupid, you’re not gay”. He was right, Tara isn’t gay, but that’s completely beside the point. What if she was gay, and his bigoted attitude was preventing her from safely coming out? What if I was gay, and she was trying to test the waters for me? I’m fairly sure the only reason he asked if I had a girlfriend that time was to appear tolerant with my aunt and uncle in the car, as my female cousin recently revealed to them that she has a girlfriend.

If I ever have children, I am going to try my best to be the most supportive parent possible. It doesn’t matter whether they want to swim, or run, or dance, or sing, or act, or write, or draw. It doesn’t matter whether they like men, or women, or everyone, or no-one. It doesn’t matter whether they are a boy, or a girl, or something else, or none of the above. It doesn’t matter whether they want to be a teacher, or a doctor, or a lawyer, or an actor, or a nurse, or a dancer, or a bartender. The only thing that does matter is how they treat people, whether it be other people or themselves. I vow to accept my children for who they are, because I know only too well how much it hurts when even the small things go unsupported.


Theodore the Ballet Dancer


Last night I went for a walk through a TV show with some friends. We were walking through a kind-of desert-city, which was obviously quite underdeveloped. We walked passed a woman being beheaded, although not very efficiently. My friend Theo, a ballet dancer who looked a lot like Harry Lloyd (yummy) noted that it probably wasn’t a good sign that we didn’t feel very disturbed seeing a woman executed in the street.

We kept walking through the desert, and someone brought up the fact that the shadow would come soon. We then saw it appear far off in the distance, and decided to find a better spot to view it from. We chased the shadow until we overtook it, then hid in a spot where we knew it would be near soon. Which happened to be behind a building from my high school, near a group of people in a court yard. Finally, the shadow appeared again, and covered the court yard in its darkness. Then the darkness disappeared, leaving all the people in the court yard evil with red eyes, and we realised how stupid we were to watch the shadow so closely.

The evil people glanced around, sniffing, and we knew they knew we were there. We ran as fast as we could, before taking off into the air. Because apparently, if you run fast enough, you can fly. We flew through the city (which was a real city now, with the desert nowhere in sight), trying to avoid darkness that kept coming over buildings and streets, because the darkness meant that they were watching. We flew higher and higher, before finally coming across a random tubey blue futuristic bridge in the sky. I started flying towards it, until I noticed that there was an evil Queen inside. Then I attempted to hide behind the wall of the bridge, but I was flying too fast, and flew into it instead. The Queen saw me, and all of a sudden, I was Theo.

She told me that I should leave my current life behind and come with her, to join her in a life of evil. I told her that I loved my family, and would never abandon them like that. She scoffed, and said that was bullshit, since she was my real mother, and therefore she was my family. I told her that just because I was adopted, it didn’t make my parents any less real. That made her angry, and she threw me off the bridge.

Then I was me again, and I was working on a project on a computer at RMIT university. I went to hand it in, but when I found the right teacher, I noticed that I’d left my project at the computer. I went back to the computer, and found not only my project, but my handbag as well. Lucky I forgot my project, else I wouldn’t have noticed my bag missing! I started walking back to the teacher, but came across Theo instead. He was with a girl, and was telling her what happened with the evil Queen. He then told her again what he told the evil Queen, that his adoptive parents were his real parents. He said he knew it was true, because his father was a harpist for a ballet company, and his mother was a ballerina in the same company, and that since he was a ballet dancer himself, he took after them both. Then I watched them kiss.

Dreams of Ice and Fire


A while ago I posted a blog about some bizarre dreams I’ve had. Well, the other day I had another weird dream.


For some reason, I had lots of brothers and sisters, and I was with them at a fun park. My twin brother and teenage sister wanted to go on the Scooby Doo ride, so all three of us went on together. We found out that apparently people had lost hands while going under the swinging axes, so we had to be careful to duck. We got on the ride, and as we got to the swinging axes, we put our hands down and ducked so much that our heads were in our laps. But once we had gone past the axes, the ride screwed up, and we went backwards underneath the axes again! We kept going back and forth and back and forth under the axes, until finally the ride fixed itself and we managed to get to the end.

We got out of the ride, and then all of a sudden I was pregnant. The ride operator came over to us and scolded me, because pregnant women aren’t allowed to ride rollercoasters. We walked over to our seats, where our teenage sister was waiting, even though she had supposedly been on the ride with us. The fun park had turned into a public swimming pool, and apparently Bran and Rickon Stark were our little brothers. I asked my sister where Bran was, and she said he was in the pool with Rickon.

Then all of a sudden I was sitting with my twin brother, my teenage sister, and some random friends, in a circle on the floor. I turned around and saw Bran and Rickon walking towards us. When they got to us, I looked up at Bran and asked him what was going on, surprised that he was somehow walking. Then time rewound, and the boys were back in the pool. Turns out Bran couldn’t walk after all.


I thought I might also mention the dream I had a little while ago, since it fits in with the ‘a Song of Ice and Fire’ theme. This dream was set at an airport.

I was with Jon Snow at the airport, and for some reason, people were giving out free bastard swords. We got in line for a sword, and as we were lining up, I giggled and said to Jon, “a bastard sword for a bastard!” (in a friendly teasing way). But when we finally got our swords, airport security confiscated them. We were very annoyed, and kept asking why everyone else got to keep their swords, but we didn’t. It didn’t help though, and we never got our swords back.

Then Jon and I went to look at shopping stalls in the airport. We got to one, and it was run by Viserys Targaryen! For some reason, he was mad at us, so he kept throwing things at our heads. I randomly picked up a Chinese hat and used it as a shield. Then, when Viserys ran out of objects to throw (which had included ladles and fry-pans), I threw the Chinese hat at him, knocking him out.

Christmas Day


Twas Christmas today. Obviously. Christmas at my house means lots of presents, followed by nanny and uncle Rodney coming over for lunch, followed by more presents. I got some fair awesome presents this year. I’ll try and sort them into who gave them to me:

  • Mum
    • Chucks
    • Super Scribblenauts (DS)
    • Masquerade mask
    • Trolli stocking
    • Eragon (Christopher Paolini)
    • Scratchies
    • Pins
    • Voodoo doll keyring
    • Super Mario chess
    • Bloodlines (Richelle Mead)
    • 10 Short Stories You Must Read In 2011
    • Computer headset
    • Maxi dress
    • Superman undies
    • Necklace
  • Tara
    • Photo frames
    • The Girl in the Steel Corset (Kady Cross)
    • Earrings
    • Twilight Scene It (joke present)
    • Highlighters
    • Pokemon Mystery Dungeon – Explorers of Time (DS)
    • Bracelets
  • Nan
    • Chucks
    • $50
    • Beauty set
  • Dad
    • Photo frame
    • Hot chocolate set
    • Favourites
  • Omi
    • Scarf
    • Necklace
  • Carly
    • Big hot pink headphones
  • Grace
    • Gem necklace

That’s all I can remember at the moment. I know I’ve forgotten some things, but I’ve managed to put down most of them. Thanks everyone for the gifts, I love all my pressies!

Just after nan and Rod got here, Tara took me to Carly’s house so I could drop off her present. I got her Seven Brides for Seven Brothers and Mamma Mia! on DVD. It took me bloody ages to find Seven Brides for Seven Brothers! It probably had something to do with the fact that I left it ’til Christmas-eve-eve to buy it. I finally found it yesterday, after phoning all the JB’s nearby. Manny was at Carly’s when we stopped by. Tara says he’s a lot louder than she predicted.

At my place, we always have a really nice Christmas lunch. We have roast chicken, beef and veggies with gravy, and eat the leftovers for tea, along with salad and other random meats. We also had a really nice cheese platter, with a bunch of different cheeses, and I must say, I heart smoked cheese and peppercorn cheese! And we always pull bonbons too, but this year I got majorly jibbed! The first bonbon I pulled, I won the bigger side, but there was absolutely nothing inside. Not even a hat. Sad face.

The hail came after lunch. Tara had left to visit her boyfriend’s nanna at the hospital, as she is very sick. We heard the hail battering down as we played Trivial Pursuit. It was incredibly loud! We looked out the window and saw hailstones, that were literally the size of golf-balls (some even bigger), covering our lawn. Mum kept some of the hailstones and put them in our freezer. They’re enormous! Understandably, nan was worried about her car out in the street, but luckily we convinced her not to go out and move it. And of course, we were worried about Tara. We didn’t know if she had arrived at the hospital yet or not, so for all we knew, she was out driving in the blasted hailstorm. Finally we got in touch though, and she was safe, thank goodness. Once the hail was over, there was a huge generic storm. But it bloody poured. Our backyard is now flooded, as well as part of our shed. But we’re lucky compared to some people. One family we know had their entire upstairs flooded (we assume the rain got in through their roof). But the storms are expected to continue, and a tornado is predicted to hit some towns, including Lilydale. So I really hope Tiernan will be alright.

Well, Merry Christmas everyone! Or should I say, merry happy! As an ending note, I will leave you with some Christmas quotes (or Christmas-related quotes) said by my family:

Mum: “I think the worst day to have Christmas is a Wednesday.”
Me: “But isn’t Christmas always on a Sunday?”
Mum: “No, Christmas is always on December 25th…”

Tara: “Why is it lukewarm? Why isn’t it johnwarm, or stevewarm?”

Me: “Moths are disgusting! They’re like hobos of the bug-world.”


This year was also the first year we spent Christmas without my poppy, as he sadly passed away at the beginning of the year. Rest in peace poppy! I love you and miss you.

The Amusing Musings of Bev Craven (and various other relatives)


Hello all! I would like to introduce you to my family  – my awesome sister Tara, who is as weird as I am, my mum Lisa, and my crazy religious nan, Bev. Ross is Tara’s boyfriend. I shall also introduce you to my uni friends – Grace, Jess and Matt, and my high school best friend – Carly. AKA my lesbian lover. Her boyfriend is Manny. And as of recently, I also have a boyfriend! His name is Tiernan. Here I will tell you about the hilarious things we get up to, even though they probably aren’t as funny if you weren’t there.

Me: “Really old psychologists thought we were controlled by animal spirits in our brain,”
Nan: “They’re satanic, they are!”

Nan: “I’m a Monster’s Inc.”

Nan: “I’ve been sleeping in til about quarter to 8 myself.”

My nan has also referred to Hannah Montana as “Manna Tanna”, called a computer keyboard a “typewriter”, and actually likes the song TNT! She also attempts to disprove science whenever an argument arises about the existence of God.

Tara: “Why would there be mail? It’s Sunday!”
Me: “No post on Sundays. No blasted letters today!”

*Watching Vampire Diaries, and Stefan comes on the screen*
Tara: “That guy’s a future Justin Bieber!”

Tara: “I had chicken, cheese, pyjama sauce…”

Tara: “Can you shoot me in the bum?”
Granted, we were playing around with my nerf gun, but even so…

Tara: “This show is all about the ‘thinging’, and he can’t even ‘thay’ ‘thinging’!”

Tara: *locked in the pantry* “Help me!”
Me: “Are the yum-yum balls with you?”
Tara: “No…”
Me: *walks off*

Me: “Are you doing anything the day after tomorrow?”
Tara: “I dunno. Maybe fighting off zombies! Oops, wrong movie… Maybe fighting off a blizzard!”

*Watching Hairspray, when Corny Collins comes on the screen*
Ross: “He should’ve been played by James Marsters.”
Tara: “But he is!”
Me: “No, he’s played by James Marsden…”
Tara: “But isn’t that the author?”
Me: “That’s John Marsden!”

Me: “Well, I made one scone the other day, to see if that’s how you make them.”
Tara: “Well Caitlyn, there’s this thing called the internet, and sometimes, if you search for how to make scones, it will tell you how to make scones… Only sometimes though.”

Tara: “Oooh, Monday’s parma night! Heavens above!”

Me: *sleeping*
Tara: “Ruckus ruckus ruckus ruckus ruckus!”
Me: *wakes up* “What the flip?”
Tara: “I’m making a ruckus so you wake up!”

*Playing Articulate – a game like Pictionary, where instead of drawing the words, you have to describe them*
Grace: “Something you inject yourself with!”
Me: “Heroin!”

*Browsing through DVDs at JB HiFi*
Random: “Excuse me, do you have…?”
Me: “Ummm, I don’t work here…”

Me: *plaiting Matt’s hair*
Matt: “What are you doing?”
Me: “Plaiting your hair!”
Matt: “Oh, I thought you were pulling it out, so that you could wrap it around a tunnel, so that people can crawl through it, and come out the other end transformed.”
Me: “WTF?”
Matt: “You are an arts student, after all.”

*On the lift with Grace, Jess, and a random guy with a pram*
Me: “I’m getting off here to pee.”
Grace: “I’ll join you!”
Random: “I’m not going to join you. That would be awkward. Especially when I have a kid!”

Mum: “Can you make me a cuppa tea? I’ve finished that one.” *picks up cup* “Oh, no I haven’t!”

*Guy comes on TV called Peter Johnson*
Me: “Hehehe, that guy has 2 penis names!”

*Talking about the volume buttons on Carly’s TV*
Me: “Your ‘up’ button is on the left? That is not right!”
Manny: “No, it’s left!”

*Talking about getting two boxes of drumsticks to share equally*
Mum: “We’d have to split them so that I get my half!”
Tara: “More like so Caitlyn gets her half!”
Me: “Hey! That’s not true!”
Tara & Mum: “Haha wrecked yourself!”

Nan: “Your mum wants you to drink water.”
Me: “But it tastes disgusting!”
Nan: “I don’t like it meself…”

Tara: “Blasted spellcheck keeps changing organisation to organization!” [this sentence is paraphrased…]
Me: “It always thinks everyone’s American, even when England invented America!”
Mum: “Organization’s the proper way!” *smug expression*
Me & Tara: “No it’s not, it’s the American way! Australia is the same as England, we spell organise and realise with an S!”
*Argument follows about Z vs S, dictionary is consulted, yet argument continues.*
Me: *looks up internet and quotes* “With an ‘se’ is proper English as opposed to American English. Most spell checkers will change ‘se’ to ‘ze’, which is very frustrating, unless you are able to change it to UK English.”
Tara: “Score one,” *licks finger* “for the children!”

*After Tara keeps calling me a twat fifty million times*
Me: “You think you are English. Oh my God, how awesome would it be to actually be English!”
Tara: “But then you’d be ugly!”
Me: “Why would I be ugly if I was English?”
Tara: “English people are ugly. They’re all gross, with missing teeth, like people from Broadmeadows.”
Me: “Brian Molko’s hot, and he’s English!”
Tara: “The famous English people are hot! Bot not the normal English people.”
Me: “There are hot English people! But Robert Pattinson is not one of them.”
Tara: “Agreed.”

*I shall protect the identity of the people in this conversation by referring to them as One and Two*
One: “I’m gonna be so fucked tomorrow. Tonight I’ll be drinking and smoking so much!”
Two: “Ew. Why are you gonna be smoking? It’s disgusting.”
One: “Not regular smoking.”
Two: “Well, that’s okay then.”

Tara: “I might be moving out next year.”
Me: “You can’t! I’ll be bored alone with mum!”
Tara: “I’ll come visit.”
Me: “Every day?”
Tara: “No!”
Me: “Every week?”
Tara: “Maybe.”
Me: “What?!”
Tara: “You can visit me!”
Me: “I don’t know where you live!”
Tara: “Well neither do I yet!”

Me: “Mum only wanted to get me a new hairbrush because she uses mine!”
Mum: “It hurts my head!”
Me: “It doesn’t hurt mine. I have a strong head!”
Nan: “The strongest heads mustn’t have as much brains. I probably shouldn’t say that…” *cheeky look*
Me: “Hey!”

*About the news lady*
Nan: “She’s looking better, she must be having face-lifts or something.”

*Talking to Carly about my transformer in K-Mart, random K-Mart worker Vlado nearby*
Me: “I can’t turn Bumblebee back into a car!”
Carly: “Naw, sad!” 😦
Vlado: “Have you tried turning left?”
Me & Carly: “What?” :S
Vlado: “Didn’t you just say you were having trouble turning your car?”
Me: “No, I said I’m having trouble turning my transformer into a car!”

Me: “Three kilos of chicken fillets?!”
Tara: “That’s nearly as much as your breasts!”

*While playing Magic the Gathering*
Tiernan: “You stole my plains from right under me… Now I know how the Aboriginals feel!”

*At Movie World, we hear ‘Marilyn Monroe’ singing to some man*
Tara: “Haha, imagine being that guy!”
*Turn around, see our dad on the big screen*
Me & Tara: “Oh God…”

*While meeting Tiernan for the first time*
Nan: “Are your parents still alive?”

*While I’m watching Game of Thrones*
Nan: “This is too old-fashioned for me.”
*Says a 71 year old woman! Thank goodness she didn’t see any sex scenes or hear any ‘cunt’s though O_O*

Me: “Did you know that Taylor Lautner was considered for the role of Beast in X-Men: First Class? Thank goodness he didn’t get it!”
Tara: “Yeah, Frasier was much better!”
Me: “No, in First Class, when he was played by About a Boy.”
Tara: “His name’s not About a Boy. It’s Jamie something.”
Me: “No it’s not. His name’s Nicholas Hoult.”
Tara: “Well his name in the movie then.”
Me: “No, it’s Hank McCoy!”
Tara: “No, his character in About a Boy!”
Me: *looks up About a Boy* “Nope, he’s called Marcus.”
Tara: “Hugh Grant’s character then.”
Me: “That’s Will.”
Tara: “The kid’s mum then!”
Me: “Fiona!!!”