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People I Hate

  1. People who try and force their beliefs upon others
  2. People who steal good usernames and don’t use their accounts
  3. People who don’t believe in gay marriage
  4. People who dispute the legitimacy of sexualities and/or genders
  5. People who make too much noise on public transport
  6. People who steal other people’s video games and overwrite their saves
  7. People who steal other people’s anything
  8. People who try to claim credit for someone else’s work
  9. People who act all elitist
  10. People who get mad at other people for doing things when they do them as well
  11. People who refuse to believe the truth
  12. People who assume everyone is like them, and inadvertently insult others as a result
  13. People who claim that someone else’s problem isn’t actually a problem, just because they have a bigger one
  14. People who spell simple words incorrectly
  15. People who claim that other people won’t be able to spell and/or pronounce simple words correctly
  16. People who think it is a compliment to insult someone’s past self
  17. People who complain about being fat and/or ugly when they aren’t
  18. People who complain about being fat and/or ugly when they aren’t and then get all pissy when someone agrees
  19. People who post photos on Facebook with the caption “omg im so fkn uglyy n supa fat xx”
  20. People who refuse to back down when they are wrong
  21. People who pretend to be stupid
  22. People who aren’t gay who make out with people of the same sex for attention
  23. People who think they’re too cool for books and that books are only for nerds
  24. People who think ‘nerd’ is an insult
  25. People who wear fake glasses
  26. People who wear fake glasses that don’t even have the decency to have fake lenses in them
  27. People who tell other people they wish they were like them because life would be easier
  28. People who try and teach people about things they know nothing about
  29. People who use their phones in the middle of some kind of social event (including lunch)
  30. People who think they’re entitled to everything from their parents
  31. People who are rude to their parents
  32. People who say c*nt
  33. People who act like there is something wrong with someone else just because they find different people attractive
  34. People who bring uninvolved people into disputes, whether it be for backup or to punish them
  35. People who refuse to apologise when they know they are wrong
  36. People who stand next to empty seats on trams
  37. People who stand next to empty seats on super-packed trams
  38. People who buy their young children smartphones
  39. People who demand respect but don’t give it
  40. People who think smacking is child abuse
  41. People who leave their rubbish lying around
  42. People who beg for money without doing something interesting for it
  43. People who try to guilt trip other people into donating to their charity
  44. People who don’t move to the left side of the footpath when someone else is walking towards them
  45. People who walk in the middle of the footpath whilst carrying a giant bag of oranges
  46. People who call other adults ‘sweetie’ or other condescending terms
  47. People who abhor labels and ignore their usefulness
  48. People who find racism, sexism, or any other kind of -ism in everything
  49. People who refuse to acknowledge actual differences among groups because doing so is ‘racist’ or ‘sexist’, etc.
  50. People who insist that only pansexuals can be attracted to a person based on their personality
  51. People who insist that only pansexuals can be attracted to transgenders
  52. People who insist that anyone who isn’t pansexual is only attracted to people for their genitals
  53. People who write instead of draw on internet pictionary games
  54. People who call using a private number without leaving a message
  55. People who have experienced discrimination first-hand, yet still discriminate against others
  56. People who board public transport without letting other people off first
  57. People who sit in the aisle seat – when the seats beside them are empty – on packed public transport
  58. People who chew gum with their mouth open
  59. People who don’t cover their mouths when coughing or sneezing
  60. People who smoke in places where others can’t escape
  61. People who say sentences involving “let alone” or “much less” in the wrong order
  62. People who misuse the word ‘literally’
  63. People who lean back or put their arm around someone on public transport, and end up touching me as a result
  64. People who volunteer for a job and then desert their post
  65. People who pronounce negotiate as nə-GO-see-ayt instead of nə-GO-shee-ayt
  66. People who claim that behaviours such as wearing make-up, shaving, and bra-wearing are just internalised objectification, and that no woman could possibly want to do those of her own accord
  67. People who argue that people with nothing to hide should have no problem with people snooping through their stuff
  68. People who use ‘bae’ as a pet name
  69. People who criticise people for being afraid of something because it’s inevitable and therefore irrational to be afraid
  70. People who claim that only white people/men/heterosexuals can be racist/sexist/sexualist

Romantic Boyfriend’s Guide to the Ninja Robot


The other day I was moving into the spare room, and I found a notebook in my closet. In it, it had something I had written many years ago (I think I must have been about 14 or so), and it was entitled ‘Romantic Boyfriend’s Guide to [My Name]’. So I thought I’d share it:

1. Stealing the Caitlyn Court street sign and giving it to me wrapped up as a present is probably the awesomest thing you could ever do.
2. Writing me a love song would have to be the most romantic.
3. My engagement ring must be white gold, preferably with a diamond about 3mm in diameter in the middle, with a smaller diamond on each side.
4. If you are a wicked-awesome graffiti artist, a romantic proposal is to paint “Marry me Caity” on a wall in big, fancy, colourful letters, and take me there, get down on one knee, and ask me (with a ring).
5. Otherwise, a romantic proposal would be to write it in a big heart in the sand on a nice beach, take me for a walk on the beach at sunset, and get down on one knee beside it and ask me (again, with that ring).
6. It would be really cool if you got me the fanciest engagement-like plastic/silver/steel ring in the world, put it in a fancy box, and proposed with that before I chose my own ring.
7. I will be very disappointed if your proposal includes pyjamas, a fight, a ring in a champagne glass, no ring at all, or anything incredibly boring. Or a half-assed effort.
8. “Marry me Caity” fortunes inside fortune cookies, on the other hand, I will accept.
9. If you are certain I love you and will marry you, then hijacking the microphone at an awesome concert is cool too.
10. And finally, if you know what is good for you, you will forfeit all rights in the naming process of any children.

I think the lamest part is that I still agree with half of these. No, actually, the lamest part is that while typing this, I ‘corrected’ graffiti into graffitti, only to find that my past self actually can spell better than me.

Edit: Google is a fucking bastard. Clearing outdated cache does not do a thing to remove search results.

How is this Progress?


A long time ago, it was expected of women that when they grew up, they would get married and have children, and that their job would be to stay at home and look after them. Women didn’t have careers – the men were the breadwinners. And for a women to not have children was unthinkable.

Nowadays, we have it ‘good’. Anyone can get a job. When a couple has children, sometimes the mum stays at home, sometimes the dad stays at home. Sometimes both the parents are women, or both the parents are men, so whoever stays home wouldn’t make a difference to that aspect. And sometimes no-one stays home, and it’s a nanny or babysitter that looks after the children.

A friend of mine posted something on her tumblr a while ago. When she was in high school, her class had to write down what they wanted to be in the future. My friend wrote down ‘housewife’, and was promptly criticised for it, even being called lazy.

Firstly, wanting to be a housewife is not lazy. Housewives have to cook and clean. They have to look after their children – watch them, play with them, comfort them, wash them, dress them, read to them, patch them up when they get hurt… And if they’re babies or toddlers, then just add change their nappies and feed them to the list. They have to do the household’s shopping, and with the children at that, making it all the more difficult. That is hard work. Housewives are not lazing around at home watching telly all day. They are being chefs, and maids, and baby-sitters, and teachers, and doctors, and chauffeurs.

And secondly, I thought the days were over when people had things expected of them, and couldn’t make their own decisions about the future? Women may not be expected to be housewives anymore, but that doesn’t mean our lives are playing into people’s expectations any less. Instead of being wives and mothers, we are expected to get jobs, and have careers. Nowadays, being a wife and mother is viewed as secondary, and nothing to aspire to.

I am currently studying a Bachelor of Arts at university, with a major in psychology. Not because I have any huge desire to be a psychologist, but because it is expected of me. Certainly, I find the subject interesting, but I would rather keep my house and look after my children than actually apply that knowledge to a career.

So tell me, how is it progress, when all we’ve done is swap one expectation for another?

I Am A Stubborn Person


But not so stubborn that I can’t listen to people’s arguments, recognise when my opinion is the wrong one, and change it accordingly.

I used to think we shouldn’t be a part of the war. I wondered what the point even was in the first place. That we just jumped on America’s bandwagon. And while I still hate the idea of war – while I still think that no-one should be there – I now think that we have to be there. Australia is a tiny place. America is huge and powerful. We need them as allies. We can’t risk losing them by running away.

I used to be opposed to safe injecting rooms. I thought they would do nothing but encourage drug use. But then I realised – hang on, a druggie’s a druggie. They’re going to use no matter whether there’s a place for them or not. But at least it’s better that they shoot up in a safe place, with clean needles, than out there on the street where they could contract HIV.

I used to think cigarettes should be illegal. That if I took over the world, I would make them so. And God, I still hate that anyone smokes. The smell is disgusting. It’s addictive. And it’s absolutely horrible that people have to suffer through things like lung cancer and emphesema, and even die as a result. It’s horrible and I hate it. But cigarettes are taxed. A lot. And the government needs to get money somehow.

I used to hate the idea of child safety harnesses. That is, leashes for children. I thought it was a horrible thing to do, and that the parents were just treating their children like dogs. But then I heard the arguments, and now I realise that is so not the case. If a child is a runner, they’re going to let go of their parent’s hand. They might pull away, or seize their chance when their parent has to let go of them for the tiniest second. But either way, they’re going to run off. It’s much better that they have the freedom to run around while still staying close to their parent. And safety harnesses provide that. My sister was a runner – she had one. I wasn’t, so I didn’t.

Even my views on abortion are starting to change. Don’t get me wrong, I still think it is an awful thing to do. But if it were illegal, it would just result in women having dangerous, black-market abortions. And much like injecting rooms, it’s better if they do it safely. Because like I said in my original post regarding abortion, the mother’s health should always be put first.

So when my (stubborn-as-hell) opinion can change when listening to other people’s arguments, or, more importantly, when listening to plain, raw facts, I wonder why on earth it is so damn difficult for other people to change theirs.