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Celebrity Look-a-Likes Pt. 9


84. Stana Katic & Mischa Barton
Stana Katic & Mischa Barton

85. Harry & Luke Treadaway & Joe Armstrong
Luke & Harry Treadaway & Joe Armstrong

86. Reeve Carney & Vincent Kartheiser
Reeve Carney & Vincent Kartheiser

87. Ellie Darcey-Alden & Daphne Beistegui
Ellie Darcey-Alden & Daphne Beistegui

Younger Hotter Dark-Haired Bobby from X-Men


I was building a character for an X-Men RPG, of which my mum was the GM. My character was Kitty Pryde, and while she already had some bonuses and resistances, I asked mum if she could have plus one magic resistance as well, which mum allowed.

Then I was talking to the actor who plays Bobby in X-Men, and he said that he was in Home and Away for a while, playing Sharni’s boyfriend. I told him that I didn’t recognise him, even though I’d seen Home and Away, and that I must have seen it before Smallville. He asked me where he recognised me from, and I told him that I wasn’t an actor.

Then he morphed into this younger hotter guy with dark hair, and we were all taking places on the ground to watch a game of netball. I got us a place near the front, and while we were sitting there, he whispered in my ear “I have a question to ask. Are you here with your husband?”. I laughed, and said “no, I’m only 21, I’m far too young to get married!”, and with that, he got behind me and cuddled me.

Then younger hotter dark-haired Bobby from X-Men and I were actually in the game of netball. We were playing for the green team, along with Gabby from uni, Jess from high school, and some other people. We were playing against the yellow team, which absolutely sucked. They kept throwing the ball to each other when their backs were turned, or throwing it to our team. At one point, there was a big kerfuffle with the ball, and it ended up in our possession. Gabby threw it to Jess and Jess threw it to me, but it was too high even when I jumped for it. I chased after the ball and touched it before it went over a third, then grabbed it up off the ground.

Then my alarm went off and I woke up.

Celebrity Look-a-Likes Pt. 8


74. Paula Deen & Patti Newton
Paula Deen & Patti Newton

75. Giovanni Ribisi & Chad Lindberg
75. Giovanni Ribisi & Chad Lindberg

76. Brittany Snow & Jessy Schram
Brittany Snow & Jessy Schram

77. Ryan Gosling & Chad Donella
Ryan Gosling & Chad Donella

78. Liv Tyler & Sasha Barrese
Liv Tyler & Sasha Barrese

79. Ethan Hawke & Michael Eklund
Ethan Hawke & Michael Eklund

80. Jaime Pressly & Katherine Boecher
Jaime Pressly & Katherine Boecher

81. Kristin Kreuk & Jodelle Ferland
Kristin Kreuk & Jodelle Ferland

82. Amanda Schull & Alona Tal
Amanda Schull & Alona Tal

83. Alison Brie & Adrienne Wilkinson
Alison Brie & Adrienne Wilkinson

Celebrity Look-a-Likes Pt. 7


58. Madeline Zima & Candice-May Langlois
Madeline Zima & Candice-May Langlois

59. Shia LaBeouf & Harrison Thomas
Shia LaBeouf & Harrison Thomas

60. Tilda Swinton & Cate Blanchett
Tilda Swinton & Cate Blanchett

61. Billy Bob Thornton & Billy Burke
Billy Bob Thornton & Billy Burke

62. Jackson Rathbone & Aaron Tveit
Jackson Rathbone & Aaron Tveit

63. Sean Bean & Brett Cullen
Sean Bean & Brett Cullen

64. Peter Ostrum & Tatiana Maslany
Peter Ostrum & Tatiana Maslany

65. Lily Rabe & Catherine O’Hara
Lily Rabe & Catherine O'Hara

66. Anne Hathaway & Krysten Ritter
Anne Hathaway & Krysten Ritter

67. Elaine Hendrix & Missi Pyle
Elaine Hendrix & Missi Pyle

68. Amy Acker & Sarah Paulson
Amy Acker & Sarah Paulson

69. David Wenham & Fran Kranz
David Wenham & Fran Kranz

70. Justin Chambers & Justin Bruening
Justin Chambers & Justin Bruening

71. Eva Longoria & Justina Machado
Eva Longoria & Justina Machado

72. Malese Jow & Ko Shibasaki
Malese Jow & Ko Shibasaki

73. Kerr Smith & Joe Snell
Kerr Smith & Joe Snell

Celebrity Look-a-Likes Pt. 6


44. Gillian Jacobs & Jane Levy
Gillian Jacobs & Jane Levy

45. Katie Featherston & Katy Sullivan
Katie Featherston & Katy Sullivan

46. Elizabeth Mitchell & Jessica Capshaw
Elizabeth Mitchell & Jessica Capshaw

47. Elizabeth Mitchell & Sonya Walger
Elizabeth Mitchell & Sonya Walger

48. Anne Heche & Katharine Towne
Anne Heche & Katharine Towne

49. Justin Chatwin & Matt Hoffman
Justin Chatwin & Matt Hoffman

50. Charlize Theron & Scarlett Johansson
Charlize Theron & Scarlett Johansson

51. Alan Tudyk & Arthur Darvill
Alan Tudyk & Arthur Darvill

52. Summer Glau & Thandie Newton
Summer Glau & Thandie Newton

53. Claudia Black & Tania Raymonde
Claudia Black & Tania Raymonde

54. Anna Torv & Mia Wasikowska
Anna Torv & Mia Wasikowska1

55. Hilary Swank & Missy Peregrym
Hilary Swank & Missy Peregrym

56. Penelope Cruz & Paz Vega
Penelope Cruz & Paz Vega

57. Cameron Diaz & Helena Christensen
Cameron Diaz & Helena Christensen

Celebrity Look-a-Likes Pt. 5


36. Sophia Myles & Yvonne Strahovski
Sophia Myles & Yvonne Strahovski

37. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau & Aaron Eckhart
Nikolaj Coster-Waldau & Aaron Eckhart

38. Anna Murphy & Rachael Bella
Anna Murphy & Rachael Bella

39. Rachael Leigh-Cook & Ashley Rickards
Rachael Leigh Cook & Ashley Rickards

40. Clint Eastwood & Scott Glenn
Clint Eastwood & Scott Glenn

41. Anna Faris & Marley Shelton
Anna Faris & Marley Shelton

42. Seth Gabel & Thomas Dekker
Seth Gabel & Thomas Dekker

43. Jena Malone & Jade Gordon
Jena Malone & Jade Gordon

Celebrity Look-a-Likes Pt. 4


32. Candice Accola & Caterina Scorsone
Candice Accola & Caterina Scorsone

33. Amy Smart & Laurie Holden & Peta Wilson
Amy Smart & Laurie Holden & Peta Wilson

34. Chris Evans & John Barrowman
Chris Evans & John Barrowman

35. Leighton Meester & Kerry Bishé
Leighton Meester & Kerry Bishe