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Foot-Chopping, Onwards!


In my previous post, I briefly discussed how same-sex marriage would not encourage all sorts of ‘horrifying’ relationships, including polyamory, polygamy, bestiality, and incest. I said that comparing completely different types of relationships is “like saying that by tickling someone, you’re encouraging them to chop someone else’s foot off”. In this post, I will discuss why I put the word ‘horrifying’ in quotation marks.

If multiple people want to be in a relationship, then what is so wrong with that?! They’re consenting adults. If Katie dates Jim (who also dates Claire) and Michael (who also dates Aaron), then how is that anyone else’s business besides Katie, Jim, Claire, Michael, Aaron, and anyone else they happen to be dating? No-one’s cheating on anyone. No-one’s oppressing anyone. So please, enlighten me – how is it wrong?

If you get creeped out easily, then I’d suggest running away as fast as you can. Or, you know, pressing the little X button in the corner of the screen. Because I am about to discuss incest. Objectively. I take pride in my ability to be objective about difficult issues. But anyway. When asked about incest, most people will say that it is morally wrong. When asked why, most of them will say something about the health risks posed to their children. But then they’re told the truth about health risks caused by incest – that they’re actually quite rare. Or that the incestuous couple in question don’t want children, or are infertile, or don’t want to have sex at all. But they’ll still say that incest is wrong. Ask them why again, and they’ll just go ’round in circles – “incest is wrong because… it’s just wrong”. But if an adult couple consents to incest, then there’s really nothing inherently wrong with it. The only argument against it is the squick factor.

My quotation marks didn’t include bestiality, by the way. Non-human animals can’t consent to a relationship with humans. That’s just rape.