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A Marvel-ous Affair


GambitSo it was Dallas’ 21st to- last night, and after many months of preparation (and promises of bombarding the internet with photos), I finally got to put my Gambit costume to use. Just in case anyone is reading this who doesn’t know me, or hasn’t read my previous post about planning a Gambit costume, this is basically the first time I have gathered all the pieces of a costume myself. RogueAt previous costume parties and conventions I have rented costumes (costume parties only) or worn easy costumes that required little to no extra purchases. But this time I had to go hunting for the coat and the corset, and I also painted the staff and chopped up the gloves myself. So yes, no matter what anyone else thinks of it, I am very pleased. And clearly Dallas was as well, since I won the prize for best dressed female! I won a 3D Spiderman puzzle for that. Aw hells yeah!

But anyway, since it was a costume party, obviously I planned on getting photos with everyone in their costumes! And I was definitely going to get photos with every Rogue that was there, if there were any. And hey, I definitely succeeded in that area. I had three girlfriends there. Three! The Rogue on the left had my favourite costume out of all the Rogues, so there’s no need to put all the photos up. There were just so many awesome costumes! There was a Loki, some Deadpools, some Black Widows, one regular Jean Grey and one Phoenix, one regular Bucky Barnes and one Winter Soldier, a Storm, a Hulk, a Captain America, some agents of SHIELD, a Medusa, some Miss Marvels, some Iron Men, a Red Skull, a Nick Fury, a Mystique, and possibly some more that I’ve forgotten about about. Oh, and I managed to snap two Susan Storm InvisibleSusan Stormphotos with Susan Storm:

It wasn’t your typical 21st birthday party, but it was a really great night. In fact, I probably enjoyed it more than I would have enjoyed dancing and drinking and whatnot. That’s right, lil’ old alcoholic me actually enjoyed herself at a boozeless party made up mostly of complete strangers. The venue was surprisingly large, and there was a main room with food and photos, a quiet room with couches, and a sports room with nerf guns and archery. I failed at the archery (I’m much better with real bows), but I was alright with the strange air squeezy guns. My mum was surprisingly good at the archery, and managed to hit right near the bullseye. She won a pizza cutter for that. This seems like a good time to point out that the prizes weren’t ridiculously random, we just chose our own prizes from a selection. I was disappointed that I missed out on the picnic set, but the Spiderman puzzle seems pretty cool too. I’m not rambling on and on to fill up space to make the layout prettier, not at all. But anyway, there were also a few couches in the sports room, so some of us played games for a while. Oh, and Dallas got her grandpa to bring a wheelchair (for Professor X, of course), so of course the little kids had a lot of fun with that.

LokiDallas came as Loki, who I absolutely love, and her costume looked great! It did seem a bit odd having such a nice girl dressed up as someone who wants to take over the entire world though. Her dad and sister talked a lot about how kind-hearted she is in their speeches, and although I’m not a religious person, I still found it quite sweet when they mentioned her love of God.

CakeOh, and I can’t forget the cake! It was an ice-cream cake decorated in Captain America’s red, white, and blue, and it was delicious. Though it did turn everyone’s mouths blue after eating it! I was also very impressed by this photo mum took of it.

So yes, I had a great time at Dallas’ party, and I hope she did as well. Happy 21st birthday, Dallas!


21 Drinking Age? How is that Logical?


I have a question. Shouldn’t we be thinking about giving people rights before we start taking more away? The reason I ask this is because they’re discussing raising the drinking age again. They think it might help curb alcohol-related violence and whatnot. As though people who break the law whilst drinking legally are going to stop drinking because it will be illegal. Yeah… Could someone please explain the logic in that? And even more stupid – they think raising the drinking age will help stop under-age drinking.

*glances around*
*raises eyebrow*

Yeah… Doesn’t that seem a bit… pointless? I mean, people who already drink before they’re 18 aren’t exactly going to stop if the drinking age gets raised to 21. I mean, come on! Does this really seem like a realistic thing for a 15 year old to say to you? “Oh no, I’m now six years under the drinking age, instead of three! I guess I better stop drinking illegally. That’s just too illegal for me.” No. It’s not. And if you do know someone who talks like that, please tell them to crawl back into the cartoon they came from. Under-age drinking is lame. I waited until I was 18 to go out and get drunk. It makes the whole ‘turning 18’ thing worthwhile. I mean, it’s not really a milestone if nothing changes, is it?

The only thing raising the drinking age would do is punish good people. Good people like me, who wait until they’re of age before they start drinking. Good people like me, who get drunk legally. Good people like me, who don’t drink and drive (and still won’t even when they actually have a license to drive with). Good people like me, who don’t assault people. Those ‘bad’ people who do do those things? Yeah, clearly they’re still gonna do ’em.