Aliens vs. Gods


I’m not sure if I’ve posted anything about religion on here before, but just in case I haven’t, I am an atheist. Sometimes when religious people want to force their beliefs onto me, they try and bring up aliens, and question how I can believe in those and not believe in gods.

Aliens are beings from elsewhere in the same universe. That universe is incredibly vast. Believing in aliens is just a matter of probability. It’s logical. In the case of aliens, not believing is the less logical option. In fact, it’s pretty damn egotistical to think that we are the only life in this vast universe.

Gods, on the other hand, operate on a different realm of being. To believe in gods, we don’t just have to look far away; We have to believe that there is a whole different universe intersecting with ours that we can’t see or otherwise interact with. And then we have to believe that there are beings in that universe who care enough about us to create us and then continue to watch over us. Furthermore, we have to believe that we were the only ones they created, and that we are important enough amongst them to have been the cause of infighting. Therefore, in the case of gods, it is belief that is egotistical.

In short, believing in aliens is logical, and not believing is egotistical, whereas believing in gods is egotistical, and not believing is logical.


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  1. The problem with saying “I believe in aliens” is that it’s sort of a vague statement.

    I believe that it is more than likely, if not probable, that life exists in other parts of the universe if not other parts of our solar system.

    I don’t believe, however, that advanced aliens have visited our planet in spacecraft and made contact with some humans.

    Saying “I believe in aliens”, I would imagine, makes most people think of the second position and not the first one.

  2. I think the probability of other life in the universe is much higher than a god. We’re evidence that life can exist. We’ve already found ‘life’ just not what we’d term intelligent life. I’ll still wait for evidence before believing in alien conspiracies though.

    Good post!

  3. There may very well have been aliens, and there may well be aliens in the future, somewhere far across the universe, but the body and soul of civilizations meet the same fate as all other bodies and all other souls, and the universe is old. We might be the only ones awake at this time in the entire Milky Way. Certainly we’re not getting radio broadcasts from anyone else right now. Until we do, I withhold my belief in aliens.

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