Hell Bunny


Earlier this year, I walked into Off Ya Tree, and they just happened to be having a sale on Hell Bunny. I tried on a few dresses, and unsurprisingly, I ended up being size XL. I say unsurprisingly because I’m a size 12E or 14DD bra, and I usually wear size 14, L or XL clothing. The dresses I tried on were the Ivana and the Little Boo. Both dresses fit, and I ended up buying the Ivana. It has slight padding in the breast area, rouched elastic at the back, a side zip, and thick shoulder straps which adjust with buttons, and it is a snug fit:


Ivana – XL – snug

That was the beginning of my love affair with Hell Bunny. After that, I went crazy browsing their dresses online. I found some gorgeous ones, but I’m extremely cautious about buying clothes online, so I decided to contact Hell Bunny about their sizing. They told me that I should be the same size in Hell Bunny dresses that have the rouched elastic. So I thought to myself “brilliant! I can buy the Alaska and the Jena that I’ve had my eye on!”. And so I did. But then they arrived, and they were miles too big. So I returned to Off Ya Tree to try on similar dresses so that I could exchange them. They didn’t have the Jena, but they did have the Vonnie, which is the same dress but with a different pattern, so I tried it on and discovered that I’m a size M. I finally received my size M Jena in the mail during the week, and it fits perfectly. The belt is on the second-loosest notch:

Jena - M - tight belt

Jena – M – tight belt

Off Ya Tree also didn’t have the Alaska or anything like it, so I decided to try on a completely different dress that still had the rouched elastic and the zip in the same place. It was the Kirsty, and a size M provided quite a snug fit. So because of that, I ordered a M in the Alaska. At first when I put it on it felt a little loose, but that was just because the back falls slightly lower than the other dresses:

Alaska - M - low back

Alaska – M – low back

When I was there, I also decided to try on the Vera, to check my size for other dresses that don’t have the rouched elastic. The size L provided a snug fit, so I ordered the Bat dress in the same size. Well, apparently the online descriptions lie about the Bat dress, because it came with surprise rouching in the side panels. Thankfully the elastic is only above the waist, so the L still fits – it just has a slightly lower back, much like the Alaska. Both of which can be fixed by making sure to hitch them up when putting them on:

Bat - L - loose

Bat – L – loose

When I first went searching for Hell Bunny on the internet, I found the most beautiful dress in existence. Its name was the Vanity. But unfortunately, I could not find any size XLs anywhere, and apparently it had been discontinued. For a while, I lost hope. But then I bought the Jena and the Alaska, and I discovered that I was much smaller than I had originally thought. Today I received my beautiful Vanity in the mail. It has tie-up halter straps, a centre back zip, and rouched elastic at the back, and is a snug fit:

Vanity - M - snug

Vanity – M – snug

I know I said that I wouldn’t buy any more dresses for a while, but I couldn’t resist. A while back I spotted the Gingham dress somewhere, and assumed it was discontinued. But Beserk got it in the other day, and I just had to buy it! I got one for me and one for my sister, and a Siren dress for her as well. The Gingham dress is a bit thinner than the other dresses, so it would be good to wear on hotter days. It is the same style as the Bat dress minus the shirring elastic, and fits me pretty much perfectly:

Gingham - L - thin

Gingham – L – thin

The reason I am posting this is because I have had so much trouble with Hell Bunny sizing, even though I should apparently be the same size for a lot of these. Before I bought the Alaska, I tried so hard to find photos of people wearing Hell Bunny who had included their measurements, and while I did find a great site for that, none of the models were the same size as me. Therefore, I am including my own measurements, so that I might be able to help other people who are having the same problems:

Bust: 40 inches
Waist: 32 inches
Hips: 40 inches

So for everyone who’s after a Hell Bunny dress, good luck with your dress hunting! Hell Bunny is an absolutely amazing brand, and I can assure you, if you get the right size, you will not be disappointed. Here are a list of some Australian stores that stock Hell Bunny (and some foreign stores with reasonable shipping):

Atomic Cherry
Beserk – Bat, Gingham, Jena
Catfight Collections
Emerald Swamp – Vanity
Off Ya Tree – Ivana
Tragic Beautiful
Trash Monkey
Wild Kitty Clothing – Alaska


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