Ridiculous Cosplay


I love cosplay. I love admiring other people’s amazing costumes. I love taking photos of and with people. And I love the idea of looking awesome in one of my own. But unfortunately for me, I am very very NOT crafty. So I’m just stuck feeling envious of other people’s costumes, while I run around claiming to be a Pokemon trainer and pointing to a pokeball clipped onto my belt.

I have considered many different possible cosplay options. I’ve thought about Sora from Kingdom Hearts, but the only thing I’ve got going for me is his keyblade. I’ve considered Misa Misa from Death Note, but the only thing I have of hers is a death note. I’ve thought about Kaylee from Firefly, but I don’t have overalls. I’ve thought about Chiana, but paint. Jynx – more paint. Pyramid Head – lack of pyramid-head-building skills. Bayonetta – her entire bloody outfit. Just for the record, the characters listed previously (sans Chiana and Bayonetta) were from my ‘relatively simple cosplay’ list. I would love to be crafty, or perhaps just have enough money to buy accessories in the first place, but alas, I am/do not. So I’m thinking of other things instead.

I thought about being Aunt Clara – frumpy dress, fur shawl, big hat, bad make-up, bag of doorknobs… But I’ve shot that one down based on the fact that not many people would actually recognise her. And then there’s the fact that Aunt Clara doesn’t really feel like a real cosplay to me. I could always borrow my halloween outfit and be Wednesday Addams. Or abandon the tights and replace the shirt with a collar necklace and be slutty Wednesday Addams instead. But I’d feel weird wearing my halloween costume. That’s not cosplaying. Plus, I get the same ‘not really cosplay’ vibes from Wednesday that I get from Clara.

Now I’m thinking ‘sim’. Bella Goth, to be specific. I’d just make a big plumbob and attach it to a headband, and then wear that with a red dress. Easy. I’ll definitely do that one day. Maybe for Armageddon. If I do end up working there, I’d love to dress up as an NPC (I don’t know if volunteers are allowed to dress up at Armageddon though, I’ll have to check first). But unfortunately, only selected sims have plumbobs, so I wouldn’t be recognisable as a sim. I could always be an NPC from a different game. Something recognisable. Like Moira! Oh, but then I’d be more of a zombie than an NPC. How on earth does one dress up as an NPC?

I’d really just love to dress up as something completely ridiculous. Like a glitch. I could be a sim glitch and wear a black or white morphsuit (or I could if I had a body suited to a morphsuit). Or I could make a box and cosplay as Missingno. I want more ridiculously random cosplay ideas, dammit!

One thing’s for sure, though – I’m definitely going to wear my Spyro onesie to a convention one day.


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