I’m Really Not That Hard to Buy For…


I’m not very good at buying presents. I never know what to get people. I think that’s probably on me, since other people seem to be perfectly adequate at buying gifts for the same people I suck at buying for. But whatever. So people I know – if your birthday is coming up, please tell me what you want, or at the very least hint at something that would work. Eventually I’ll get good at this gift-buying thing, really, I promise!

But anyway, what I don’t understand is people who have trouble buying gifts for me. I am very very easy to buy for.

  1. I collect badges. Seriously. I have a collection. If someone has a collection of something, a very lazy yet appreciated gift is adding to that collection. I’m not kidding. If you give me a few  cheap badges (as long as they have something humorous or fandom-related or cute or awesome on them) then I will love you. If one of them happens to be a shaped pin, I may even squeal. Easy as pie.
  2. I spend all my money at JB HiFi. Well, until I discovered eBay. Now I spend like 90% of my money at JB. The other year I got a Christmas present from one of my very own relatives. It was a mug and a USB. Okay, I admit, the mug is pretty. And the USB has been useful. However – I already had six other mugs. And the USB only resulted in me having to delete less episodes when putting more on. Now, I’m going to estimate the price of this gift at around… $30 or so. I probably would’ve appreciated a $30 JB voucher more.
  3. I love fantasy. I am absolutely obsessed with everything related to the paranormal. So if you were to get me any old fantasy book or DVD or ornament or plush toy, I would make “ooooh” sounds like the aliens in Toy Story.
  4. I have a sweet tooth. Actually, my entire mouth is sweet. When you get someone sweets for a gift, they don’t have to be specific gift-sweets. You pay more for that shit! Instead, you could get lots of regular chocolate. For less money. Or you could buy me lots and lots of marshmallows. I flipping love that stuff.
  5. I wear t-shirts a lot. I have so many that it’s basically a collection. But I could always go for more. Anything nerdy or funny or cute or band-related and I’m happy. Anything non-white is fair game. I wear a men’s size medium, by the way.

And those are just last resort items that you know I’ll love. I like lots of things. Games, jewellery, scarves, bags, hats, ornaments, art, books, gift cards, money, DVDs, candles, trinkets… I feel like it would take more effort to get me a dud present than one I’d be crazy about.

Just for the record, I don’t expect presents from anyone except my family. This ranty list is aimed only at that one relative who doesn’t appear to know me much at all.


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