No, Brain, Dreams are not for making Crushes


Oh no. Not again. I’ve got another crush on a guy I barely talk to. This is awkward. First it’s like “you’re hot”. Then it’s like “you have a cool voice”. Then it’s like “you have the name of a god”. Then it’s like:

“So, I’ll just have a dream about you, where there are a bunch of people in your trailer, preparing for some big battle that’s coming. I look at your family photos above the sink, until it’s time to head off. The battle is near a train station, and it’s against a whole bunch of random evil people, some of whom have the ability to shape-shift. We start fighting, and I get a few good shots in. But then the battle takes a turn for the worst, and you get hit with a rock-snowball, and fall down a hill and die. I’m devastated, but manage to hold myself together like Zoe and carry on the fight. I get word that Tara wants to see me on the train, so I head over there. She’s looking out the opposite window, with her back facing me, and talks to me without turning around. But after a while, I realise that it’s not Tara at all, but in fact a shape-shifter, so I run out of the train. I’m so freaked out – you’re dead, Tara’s missing, everything’s going to shit… So I keep running. I run back to the trailer, and I take a photo of you from above the sink. Just a little something to keep me fighting.”

What. The. Flip. Seriously, what is with my dreams? Why does my brain always seem to go “hey, Caity, here’s this really awesome guy who may or may not be real – go have a crush on him”? At least this one is real. But seriously. I do not talk to this guy much at all. What the flip?


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