Winds of Winter Predictions

  1. Jon Snow will die for a short time, during which he will meet Ned in the afterlife, who will tell him that his parents are actually Rhaegar and Lyanna, before being brought back to life by Melisandre. This will free him of his Night’s Watch oath, as his watch “shall not end until [his] death”. The spirit-Ned bit is terrible and lame, but the dead->Melisandre->alive->free bit totally makes sense.
  2. Brienne’s word to Lady Stoneheart was Arya – she tells her that Arya is alive, and they go on a quest to find her.
  3. For this one I have to give credit to the guy from uni with the awesome accent who I keep forgetting to ask his name (finally found out his name – credit to Pontus): We find out that Benjen died and was brought back as a wight. Being a Stark, he was a warg, but because he didn’t have an animal for his spirit to take over, he instead took over his wight-self, becoming Coldhands.
  4. Arya will come to discover that the life of a faceless man is not for her. She will return to Westeros and use her skills to be a rogue assassin, killing the remaining people on her list. She will then meet up with Nymeria, and help lead her giant wolf-pack in a war against the Lannisters and whatnot. By the way, she was totally the first faceless man with a face – faceless men are supposed to lose their identities in the training, but rather than lose hers, she gained control of her true self for the first time, warging into a cat and using its vision to help complete her training.
  5. Aegon will be revealed to be the mummer’s dragon, and Daenerys will kill him. And even if he is real, Daenerys will still kill him, because he’s an arrogant sonofabitch.

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