Goddammit eBay!


Oh no. It’s happened. I’ve become one of those crazy eBay people. Flip.

For the longest time, I didn’t want an eBay account. I didn’t like the idea of extra middlemen. (The extra middleman is PayPal, by the way. Because that wasn’t obvious…) But then I found a ring. It was a brilliant ring. Black, with ace cards all around it. Absolutely perfect. But the only place I could get it was eBay. Okay, sure, I could’ve gotten one from Amazon. But who wants to be stung $40 for shipping? So I joined eBay. And I bought that ring. I must say, it was a brilliant decision on my part. Here is a terrible photo of the ring (it’s more like a photo of my hand in front of my DVD shelf, but who wants to share a stock photo?):

Ace Ring

Okay, that turned out even worse than I thought. But whatever. It’s a great ring, just trust me on it. But anyway, since then, I’ve turned into a monster. First I bought some Kobo covers for me and Tara, which is fine, since we actually needed them. But then I started browsing. And let me tell you, if you like your money, you should never browse eBay.

Since the ace ring and the Kobo covers, I have also bought a Lord of the Rings ring (black, because gold is so not my colour), an ace of hearts pin, Caroline’s ring from the Vampire Diaries, a mockingjay pin, and a time-turner. And you know how long ago I bought the first ring? One month and one day. That’s right. In the space of 31 days, I have spent $86.09 on eight things I really don’t need. Well, except for the Kobo cases, one of which was for Tara. Oh. I felt a lot better before I knew how much I’d spent.

So now, I make this pledge, that I will not spend any more money, until JB HiFi has their next 20% off sale, in which case I will only buy Dollhouse, and maybe Friends as well. Perhaps I can leave Friends until the next next 20% off sale. Yes, that’s a good idea. Because I also bought a coat on Tuesday. It is a brilliant coat. Red, and woolen, with awesome militaryish buttons. But it’s okay. I needed a coloured coat. Anyway, back to my pledge. I promise myself that I will not spend any more money until JB’s next sale. Even on lunch. If I don’t buy lunch for ten days, then I’ve basically payed for everything. I feel much better now. I should think of all purchases in terms of lunch.


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