No Excuse for Fare-Evasion My Ass


They say they want to stamp out fare evaders. They say there is a lovely system for us to buy tickets simply and cheaply. They say we have no excuse for not having a ticket.

So, please, enlighten me – is it simple for me to have to walk back home when I forget my Myki, as I can’t just buy a ticket on the tram? What about people who don’t live two streets away from the tram stop? And what about those people who weren’t planning on catching public transport, and only realised their need right before the trip, leaving them no time for their top-up to be processed? What about those people who didn’t even have a Myki in the first place? Not to mention people who don’t have a Myki and live a few suburbs away from the nearest train station.

So don’t try and tell me that there are no excuses for not having a ticket, when there are so many people out there who would need to catch public transport in order to get to a place that sold tickets for said public transport.

Geelong is smart. You can buy temporary Myki cards on their buses. Actually, scratch what I said before about Geelong being smart. You don’t need to be smart to have a system like that. You just need to have some goddamn common sense. Geelong may or may not be smart. But one thing’s clear – Melbourne’s fucking stupid.


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