Sexy Voices


When I was little (like 10 or so), my sister told me that Jonathan Davis had a sexy voice. At the time, I didn’t understand. How on earth could a voice be sexy? But a few years later, I realised what she meant. And my God, there are some people out there with insanely sexy voices.

When I first saw American History X, I melted. I had seen Edward Norton in movies before, but this was the first time I actually paid any attention to his voice (apart from what he was saying, of course). It is the hottest voice I have ever heard. Ever. When I watched one of his movies again a few months ago, I posted on facebook that I’d forgotten how hot his voice was. Ethan commented “There’s an entire movie that’s basically just Edward Norton’s voice. And it’s one of the greatest films ever made. And you forgot that?!”, and I must say, he is not kidding. I would totally watch a movie of him saying words. I would totally listen to him read an audiobook (ooh that’s a good idea, Edward Norton should totally read audiobooks). He has the sexiest. voice. EVER! Followed by Norman Reedus.

But sometimes (often, actually) sexy voices don’t belong to actors. They belong to singers, and you hear their voices long before you see what they look like. And sometimes, unfortunately, their voices don’t match their faces. I’m not saying that Anders Fridén, Michael Stipe, and Maynard James Keenan are ugly. Not by any means! But it is much more pleasurable listening to In Flames, REM, and Tool, than looking at photos of them. Seriously, they have amazingly sexy singing voices. I wonder if their normal voices are that awesome? I should listen to some interviews…

Sexy voices are often memorable, but there are also other memorable voices out there – ones that aren’t sexy, but very distinctive. I made a list of people with memorable voices. It accidentally has 50 people in it, but it’s not a top 50. It’s just a list of people in alphabetical order.

And just for the record – I love accents. Love them. I even love some accents that other people hate. It’s very annoying when I tell people that I love British accents, only for them to tell me off, and ask which ones. Because I love them all. All the ones I’ve heard, at least. I love Cockney accents, and other London accents. I love Liverpudlian accents and Glaswegian accents. I love Cardiff accents and Edinburgh accents. Outside of Britain, I love Irish accents and Colombian accents. I love Texan accents and redneck accents. I love Californian accents and Pennsylvanian accents. I love Russian accents and Croatian accents. And many, many more that I didn’t mention. So do people now appreciate the fact that it is a lot quicker saying things like “I love British, Irish, and American accents”, rather than saying everything above – and more?


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