Names Are Funny Things


Some people have awesome names. Some people have boring names. Some people have crazy wackadoodle names. I have a boring name. Caitlyn. Caity. Cait (my attempt at Cate has failed; screw you people for forcing that tower-like spelling upon me). Blah. And I highly doubt Cat or Kitty would catch on. Sigh. I could change it. It’d be pretty awesome to be a Gwen or a Morgana or something. But that would be weird. And kinda mean to my parents. So I won’t.

There is one interesting thing about my name. Actually, make that two. My middle name Emma is after my great-grandma Emily Eliza, who I liked exactly like when I was little. But anyway, the first interesting thing is my surname. It’s foreign and confuses people. I can’t imagine why, but to each their own failure at sounding things out. Seriously, is BETH-kee really that hard? In first year creative writing, my tutor mispronounced it as BETH-kay. I thought it sounded awesome, so I didn’t correct him. All semester, I was Caitlyn BETH-kay (*happy giggle*).

I like names. Ever since I was little, I’ve liked naming things. I played schools just to make rolls. My classes would have 26 students, with one for each letter of the alphabet. And seeing as how I hadn’t discovered the name Quinn at that point, Q was always inevitably Queenie. I named each and every one of my toys, and remembered all of them. Though I did end up with multiple Violets and Lavenders, due to the amount of purple toys I owned… I played the Sims, back when there was only one of them, and gave all my sims awesome names.

But then I got older. The toys were replaced with story characters, the Sims was replaced with the Sims 2 (and now the Sims 3), and the ‘classes’ were replaced with lists. Lists of names that I like, and middle names and nicknames to go with them. Some of them are pretty normal, like Phoebe and Dexter. Some are more out-there, like Morrigan and August. But all of them are (in my opinion anyway, which makes sense, since this is my blog, after all) awesome!

So yes, I’ve always been a name nerd. I like the sound of them. I like learning about foreign phonetics. I like pairing them together in first/middle name combos, or sibling sets, or for groups of pets (though I probably go overboard with geek references for pets). Surprisingly, I’m not that fussed with meaning. But I do like learning about their origins. Perhaps that’s why mythological names interest me so much.

Well, that’s my story. I have an odd little hobby. Much like I collect badges, I also collect names.

Oh, and by the way – at Gloria Jeans and Starbucks, I’m not just Caitlyn. I’m also Cat, Rose, Faith, Emma, Dawn, Amy, Gwen, and I can’t even remember what else. 😛


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