I am a Pushover & My Sister Annoys Me


Next week, Tara and I are going to Soundwave in Brisbane. We have to go to Brisbane because Tara’s a teacher, and Melbourne’s Soundwave is on a weekday.

I was very much looking forward to seeing the Offspring, Garbage, Metallica, Blink 182, and Linkin Park. That is, until I saw the timetables. Garbage clashes with Linkin Park, and Blink 182 and the Offspring clash with Metallica. Fisrtly, what the fuck?! I’ve never seen so many huge bands clashing with each other before. But secondly, I told Tara, and discovered that she really wants to see Linkin Park. It’s her main band. But you see, I really want to see Garbage. They’re not my main band (the Offspring takes that award), but they are awesome. So Tara explains to me that we both love more Linkin Park songs than Garbage songs, so it’s only logical that we see Linkin Park. And I agree.

But hang on just a minute!

Last year we also went to Soundwave in Brisbane. I desperately wanted to see Kittie, but they clashed with Limp Bizkit, who Tara wanted to see. Now, we both listen to heaps more Kittie than Limp Bizkit. Kittie was one of the bands that introduced us to metal in the first place! But we saw Limp Bizkit. Because I am a fucking pushover. But you see my issue here? Tara only uses logic when it works for the bands she wants to see. And while I do agree that it’s better we see Linkin Park instead of Garbage, my biggest regret in life is that I let Tara drag me into seeing Limp Bizkit instead of Kittie.

On another (still, but not equally, frustrating) note, my sister is no longer well trained. Last night she was over for dinner. The only soft drinks we had were coke (intended for mixing purposes) and pepsi max. I put the coke in the freezer so it would be cold in time for dinner (because, you know, coke tastes better, regardless of its original purpose), and the pepsi in the fridge. But when Tara got the drinks, she didn’t realise the coke was in the freezer, and opened the pepsi instead. Now that was all well and good – we could drink pepsi, and I would be able to keep the coke for mixing, like I intended. But then Tara got another drink. And she opened the coke! Who even does that?! The pepsi was already bloody open! You don’t just open another bottle of drink when there’s already one open, no matter how much better it tastes. Especially not at someone else’s house! So thanks Tara. Because of you, I now have two half-full bottles of soft drink, and nothing to mix my alcohol with.


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