Too Much Inside Me


About a week or so ago, my sister got her appendix out. She told me that afterwards, she felt like there was something missing from inside of her. Last night I just finished rereading My Sister’s Keeper. And these two things paired together are probably what led me to have this dream I had the other night.

For some reason or another, I needed to have my kidney removed. So I did. And afterwards, it felt like there was something missing. But then I got used to it. And I grew to love that little hole inside me.

But then I woke up. And when I woke up, I felt like there was too much inside me. That part of me didn’t belong. And I was freaking out. But not just freaking out – I was upset. I was upset that there was too much of me. And I felt like that for about an hour.

* * * * *

But on another note, I have a comment stalker. I find this quite hilarious. I’m assuming it’s my ex, but who knows. In any case, all of his comments go straight to spam. I just find it hilarious that he’s spending all of his time hung up on me and abusing me. At first I was upset, but fuck, he’s sent so many lame comments that it’s really just pathetic. And for someone to go from upsetting me to seeming like the most pathetic person on earth? That just makes me happy.


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