The Rory


Today I was watching Scream 4, and misheard the name Charlie for Rory. Which got me remembering a famous Rory that I’d heard of. And for the life of me, I just could not remember who this guy was! So I went on Google, and I typed in “famous people called Rory”. And from that, I found a website with a list of famous Rorys, both real and fictional. Just a list of Rorys. And in that list was Rory Williams. But not listed as Rory Williams, oh no. He was listed as Rory. Just Rory. Rory Williams is so awesome that he needs no surname. He is the Rory.

Oh, and by the way, when I was on that website, I did find out who the famous Rory was that I was thinking of. It was Rory Culkin. Who played Charlie in Scream 4. So weird!


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