I was shopping with some people at a market. I really wanted a tartan scarf, but I was having trouble finding a nice one. My friends pointed some things out to me, but the ones made of nice material were the wrong pattern, and vice versa.

After a while, someone mentioned that there was supposed to be a meteor shower that night, so we went to a forest clearing to watch it. The meteors that fell were very sparkly, and looked a lot like a combination of the Tesseract, crystals, and ice. Once it was over, there was sparkly meteor dust all over the ground, with some larger pieces of meteors stuck in the trees. We looked closely at the largest meteor piece, and someone commented that perhaps it was a spaceship, like in Superman. Then all of a sudden, the ‘meteor piece’ started to crack. It was an egg! When it had finished hatching, out popped a disgusting monster thing. It started screaming, and trying to attack us, so we defended ourselves with our swords and arrows. After a while, the monster realised it was outnumbered, and fled. We knew it would raise up an army against us, and planned to be ready for it when it did.

After the incident with the meteor shower, we all went back to the Melbourne Showgrounds to watch movies and sleep. We watched lots of movies, animes, and war instructional films, and at one point, Shannon fell asleep on my lap. As she slept, I petted her hair.

Later on, I was having lunch with Max and his family. We were eating some kind of apple pie, which was sort of like lasagna, and apple crumble, and meatloaf. Even though I hate apple pie, I really liked this apple pie. It didn’t taste like apple at all. It was more like a large pastry. Then Max beckoned me into the next room, and told me that we would win the war. He said he would deliver the bomb that would allow us to defeat the monster’s army, but when the person opened the door to receive it, they would be killed by an enemy soldier.

Once we finally had a whole army, we soldiers looked at our map to form an attack plan. We would be arriving by new dragon-shaped boats, and attacking from the sea in order to surpise the enemy. Half of us would attack from the East, and half from the West. Our aim was to drive them into Italy, where they would be backed into a corner and surrounded.

I was near the back of the West group, and as soon as I got near land, I drew my bow and started shooting. I got in a fair few kills, until all of a sudden, my string broke. It became disconnected from the top of the actual bow. A female enemy soldier was advancing on me, and I tried to keep shooting by holding the string and the bow together with one hand, but it was fruitless. So I tried to tie the string back to the wood, but I didn’t have enough time. The enemy soldier reached me, and unable to shoot her, I took out an arrow and stabbed her in the neck, killing her.

Then I saw Max through the door window. I forgot he was there to deliver the bomb, and I told him to go away, as it wasn’t safe. Then I remembered why he was there, and opened the door. He handed me the bomb, and then said “Watch out!”. I glanced behind me, and saw a huge enemy soldier standing behind me, with his greatsword drawn. He was about seven feet tall, with tanned skin, and his black hair and beard both in ponytails. He stabbed me through the back, and I died, my sacrifice in opening the door allowing my people to use the bomb to win the war.


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