The Terror of Bathrooms and Mannequins


Last night I went to a party. It was pretty boring, as most of the guests were people from my high school that I didn’t like. I got a phone call, and was about to ignore it, but then I saw that it was Thor, so I answered. He told me that I should go and pick up my shorts, since he would be leaving the country soon, and he apologised for having them in the first place. I told him not to worry, since it was my fault I left them at his house anyway. Then he got all shocked and offended, and hung up on me. I went to the bathroom, and three people walked in on me. Yes, into one cubicle. They got all shocked and offended as well, and told me off for being there. Why the hazmata is my worst recurring nightmare about people walking in on me in the bathroom? But anyway, I left the party, and then I was outside some spooky house.

The spooky house looked pretty awesome, so I decided to go and explore it. There were lots of creepy mannequin-like statues in the yard, and I kept getting this feeling of being watched. I walked around to the side of the house, which looked a lot like outside my high school art rooms, and entered via a side-door. Waiting for me inside the kitchen were a random and Amy Pond! She told me that the house was under attack, and we mustn’t touch the mannequins. Then we turned around and saw some mannequins already inside the house, descending upon us. We ran outside and tried to escape, but the expendable random got touched by a mannequin, and turned into one. Me and Amy kept running, but then all of a sudden, we were back inside the kitchen, and the mannequins were all outside. I had a sudden epiphany, and decided that if I walked backwards to outside the grounds, then it would rewind time, and none of this would have ever happened. So I ran backwards, trying to avoid the mannequins, when all of a sudden, one touched me! I closed my eyes and decided that it hadn’t happened, as time was rewinding. Because of that, I was fine, and so I kept running away backwards. Finally, I made it beyond the fence, and then all of a sudden, I was with Tara elsewhere.

I was trying to convince Tara to watch Robin Hood with me. Eventually, she agreed, so I put on the first episode. We – and mum – started watching it, but it was a cartoon! It was the cartoon version of Robin Hood featuring Yogi Bear! I was very confused, since I had tested the file earlier, and it was definitely live-action then. I told that to mum and Tara, and swore that it must get better, so we kept watching. Then finally, it became live-action. But it still wasn’t the right Robin Hood. It was just like a live-action version of the old cartoon, and still randomly featured Yogi Bear! But at least mum and Tara liked it.


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