Baby Faces & 19th Century Facial Hair Do Not Mix!


After watching the movie Carriers last night, my love affair with Lou Taylor Pucci was rekindled. A love affair which – fun fact – began as a result of seeing the music video for Jesus of Suburbia, whilst in my emo phase, and thinking ‘this guy’s pretty hot’.

So yes, after watching Carriers, I looked Lou Taylor Pucci up on Google, you know, to be a stalker and find photos of him. And let me tell you – men with baby faces such as his should NOT grow facial hair from the 1800’s. Really. It does not work. 2009 Sundance Film Festival - "Arlen Faber" Portraits

But anyway, because of this, I have decided to give Thumbsucker another shot. I first tried watching it a few years ago, way back when Tara and I shared the old desktop in her bedroom. But watching a movie on a shared computer, when you can only watch it in like twenty minute segments? Yeah, you get bored after a while. So I gave up on it. But I’ve decided to give it another chance. It’s not actually a bad movie, by the way. It’s about a guy who sucks his thumb, then stuff happens, and then he does drugs. Well, it’s not one of the greatest movies in the world, but it’s not the Human Stain bad.

But back to Carriers! The whole reason for this post! Wow. That was a good movie. It’s about four friends (Lou Taylor Pucci, Chris Pine, Piper Perabo, and Emily van Camp) who are trying to make their way to the beach, in the middle of a virus apocalypse. It’s quite sad. But like I said, good movie. Some parts even got to me like the Thin Red Line and Chronicle. Although not quite on that level. But that’s still an achievement.

Now I suppose I better include a normal picture of Lou Taylor Pucci, so I don’t just look like some weird girl who finds fake emo’s and 19th century gunmen attractive. Okay, I guess I still seem kinda weird. He looks like fifteen. But look at those eyes! And those dimples!

And now I am having one of my insanely obsessive moments, when I am really annoyed that the picture goes down much further than the text. Which is why I’m adding this completely pointless extra paragraph. This really annoys the hell out of me. You can just ignore this bit. Perhaps I’ll say more about how weird I am.

Yes, so Lou Taylor Pucci would have to be one of my more weird crushes. Like Tom Hiddleston (blast you Tara for making fun of me!) and Harry Lloyd (no way in hell am I telling her that I find Viserys Targaryen hot). I don’t think I’ll tell Tara about this one. I mean, I did watch Carriers with her and Ross, after all.

And I’m nearly there! I think I deserve a reward. That was bloody hard work. I suppose I could just attempt to get over my insane perfectionism (is that even a word?). But that’s just too difficult.


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