Theodore the Ballet Dancer


Last night I went for a walk through a TV show with some friends. We were walking through a kind-of desert-city, which was obviously quite underdeveloped. We walked passed a woman being beheaded, although not very efficiently. My friend Theo, a ballet dancer who looked a lot like Harry Lloyd (yummy) noted that it probably wasn’t a good sign that we didn’t feel very disturbed seeing a woman executed in the street.

We kept walking through the desert, and someone brought up the fact that the shadow would come soon. We then saw it appear far off in the distance, and decided to find a better spot to view it from. We chased the shadow until we overtook it, then hid in a spot where we knew it would be near soon. Which happened to be behind a building from my high school, near a group of people in a court yard. Finally, the shadow appeared again, and covered the court yard in its darkness. Then the darkness disappeared, leaving all the people in the court yard evil with red eyes, and we realised how stupid we were to watch the shadow so closely.

The evil people glanced around, sniffing, and we knew they knew we were there. We ran as fast as we could, before taking off into the air. Because apparently, if you run fast enough, you can fly. We flew through the city (which was a real city now, with the desert nowhere in sight), trying to avoid darkness that kept coming over buildings and streets, because the darkness meant that they were watching. We flew higher and higher, before finally coming across a random tubey blue futuristic bridge in the sky. I started flying towards it, until I noticed that there was an evil Queen inside. Then I attempted to hide behind the wall of the bridge, but I was flying too fast, and flew into it instead. The Queen saw me, and all of a sudden, I was Theo.

She told me that I should leave my current life behind and come with her, to join her in a life of evil. I told her that I loved my family, and would never abandon them like that. She scoffed, and said that was bullshit, since she was my real mother, and therefore she was my family. I told her that just because I was adopted, it didn’t make my parents any less real. That made her angry, and she threw me off the bridge.

Then I was me again, and I was working on a project on a computer at RMIT university. I went to hand it in, but when I found the right teacher, I noticed that I’d left my project at the computer. I went back to the computer, and found not only my project, but my handbag as well. Lucky I forgot my project, else I wouldn’t have noticed my bag missing! I started walking back to the teacher, but came across Theo instead. He was with a girl, and was telling her what happened with the evil Queen. He then told her again what he told the evil Queen, that his adoptive parents were his real parents. He said he knew it was true, because his father was a harpist for a ballet company, and his mother was a ballerina in the same company, and that since he was a ballet dancer himself, he took after them both. Then I watched them kiss.


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