Television Overload


It is official. I watch far too many TV shows. Now, I don’t think I watch too much TV in general. Just that I watch too many shows at once. To be honest, I think it’s lucky I’m not my mother. She gets confused when watching two shows at once. But me? I’m watching nine.

On DVD (or downloaded, just what I can watch whenever I want) I’m currently watching Once Upon a Time, Game of Thrones, and Doctor Who for the first time. I also recently started watching Robin Hood (well, I watched the first episode for Harry Lloyd, and then decided I liked it). And I’m rewatching Charmed and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I would be watching less shows, but every time I watch a show alone, my mum walks in and decides she likes it. First it was Charmed. Then it was Once Upon a Time. Soon I won’t be able to watch Doctor Who without mum there either. Game of Thrones is the only show that I have to wait for everyone to watch. Thank goodness. Otherwise I’d never see anything!

Out of shows that are actually on TV, I’m only watching Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, and Desperate Housewives. Well, I’m also kinda-sorta watching Castle and Packed to the Rafters, but since it’s only kinda-sorta, I don’t think I’ll count them.

I did finish the first season of the Walking Dead not long ago, so I’m technically still watching it, but not really, since I’ll have to wait a while for Tara to get the second season. Same with the next season of Dexter. Mum and I were also watching the Vampire Diaries for a while there, but we kinda lost interest a few episodes into season three.

And then there are the shows I still have to watch! Once we’ve finished watching Game of Thrones, Tara’s making us watch Rome. And then after that, I’m making everyone watch Robin Hood (I’ve still only seen the first episode). I also bought the first episode of Farscape the other day, so I’ve still got that too watch, too.

Bloody hell. That is a lot of shows. I think that’s more than I originally thought. That’s like sixteen! Bloody hell. I really am overloaded on TV shows.


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