Woman Against Feminism


I like to think of myself as quite a feminine person. I love getting my hair and make-up done, and going shopping for pretty dresses. I love getting dressed up in fancy dresses and high heels (even though I can barely walk in them). I love having long hair that I can curl, or pin back, or braid.

But I am not a feminist. I think the title might have made that obvious.

In theory, feminism is the advocacy of women’s rights, to create equality between the sexes. But in reality, that is so not the case. How many feminists do you see who want women to have more rights than men? How many feminists do you see who read everything as being sexist? And how many feminists do you see who are actually just anti-male, or against all things feminine?

It is for these reasons that I identify not as a feminist, but as a woman against feminism.


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  1. We had this discussion in Star Trek club today. Odd choice of place, but eh?
    ‘char not a woman against feminism. ‘char a woman against feminists. They’re different. The cause of feminism is what it has always been, it’s the people supposedly supportin’the cause but goin’way too far in the other direction which is the issue.

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