Piercing Babies’ Ears


I haven’t posted in a while. Probably because I haven’t thought of anything upsetting or awesome enough to post about. But that’s over now.

The other day I stumbled across something on the internet. A woman was asking about the best age to get her newborn baby’s ears pierced. A newborn baby. Being forced to have holes stabbed in her ears just because her mother thinks it will look pretty.

Now there are several things wrong with this idea. The least serious being “why does a baby need earrings to look pretty?!”. Babies are cute. Period. They don’t need little gems or baubles in their earlobes to make them look nice. They’re not going to look in the mirror and think “Ooh, look at those lovely stones in my ears!”. They’re going to look in the mirror and think “Ooh, a play-mate!”. And to be honest, I find earrings on a baby quite creepy. Babies with earrings remind me of toddlers wearing make-up.

I remember when I got my ears pierced. I was about six years old, and had been begging my parents to get them done for a while. I wanted earrings because I thought they were pretty, and I wanted to be able to pick out and wear all sorts of different styles of them. But no matter why I wanted them, in the end, it was my choice to get them. Babies don’t have that choice. And that’s really what my opinion all comes down to. Choice.

Imagine being small. So small that people can pick you up and take you wherever they want. Now imagine that you can’t even speak. You can’t ask any questions, or voice any protests. And on top of that, you have almost no control over your limbs. Now imagine that someone is about to stab a needle through your earlobe. You don’t understand what’s going on, but you can’t ask. The thought of the needle terrifies you, but you can’t say anything about it. You try to push the needle away, but your arms are too floppy. So what do you do? You cry. You cry because that’s all you can do. But still no-one prevents the needle from piercing your earlobe.

But if imagining something like that is a bit beyond your reach, then try this: You’re bound and gagged, and strapped to a chair. Someone comes toward you with a needle in their hand. Unable to do anything, you’re forced to sit there as they stab the needle through your earlobe.

How did that feel? Do you think you would enjoy that? Having no control? Not being able to do anything as someone pokes holes in your body? I know I wouldn’t enjoy that. I chose to have my ears pierced. If I didn’t choose it, and someone pierced them anyway, I would have been terrified! Babies don’t get a choice. Please, oh God, please, just wait a few years until they do.


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  1. One one hand, parents look fer a moment. Think when’cha may have had young kids. D’cha have earrings? Remember the tots tearin’at them and pullin’simply cos it was dangly and/or shiny? Imagine puttin’one in constant arms reach of’cher child. Attached ta their own tiny, soft ears.

    The other hand, what age should that sorta choice be granted? Just cos they can voice an opinion doesn’t mean they’re capable of understandin’the longer reachin’consequences of such.

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