I saw Chronicle today. And oh my God, there are no words. It… got to me. It got in my head. Only one other movie has ever gotten to me like that before – the Thin Red Line. And that was because it was so brutally real. But Chronicle…?

Maybe it’s because they started out how anyone would. Maybe it’s because it’s shocking how anyone could turn out that way. Or maybe, just maybe, if the superpower thing really did happen, this movie shows the truth. And that’s pretty darn terrifying.

All in all, it actually wasn’t quite what I expected. Particularly in that it’s one of those ‘found footage’ movies. But even so, it was still really good. Although some parts were quite disturbing. So yes, I’d recommend watching it – although you might want to reconsider if you’re easily disturbed.


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  1. I just finished watching Chronicle and I totally understand what you mean…It got into my head. I was truly disturbed because this movie hits home. I could relate to Andrew, because I had a point in time in my life where I thought everyone was out to get me and I just blew up. That scares me. We all could become like Andrew.

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