Dreams of Ice and Fire


A while ago I posted a blog about some bizarre dreams I’ve had. Well, the other day I had another weird dream.


For some reason, I had lots of brothers and sisters, and I was with them at a fun park. My twin brother and teenage sister wanted to go on the Scooby Doo ride, so all three of us went on together. We found out that apparently people had lost hands while going under the swinging axes, so we had to be careful to duck. We got on the ride, and as we got to the swinging axes, we put our hands down and ducked so much that our heads were in our laps. But once we had gone past the axes, the ride screwed up, and we went backwards underneath the axes again! We kept going back and forth and back and forth under the axes, until finally the ride fixed itself and we managed to get to the end.

We got out of the ride, and then all of a sudden I was pregnant. The ride operator came over to us and scolded me, because pregnant women aren’t allowed to ride rollercoasters. We walked over to our seats, where our teenage sister was waiting, even though she had supposedly been on the ride with us. The fun park had turned into a public swimming pool, and apparently Bran and Rickon Stark were our little brothers. I asked my sister where Bran was, and she said he was in the pool with Rickon.

Then all of a sudden I was sitting with my twin brother, my teenage sister, and some random friends, in a circle on the floor. I turned around and saw Bran and Rickon walking towards us. When they got to us, I looked up at Bran and asked him what was going on, surprised that he was somehow walking. Then time rewound, and the boys were back in the pool. Turns out Bran couldn’t walk after all.


I thought I might also mention the dream I had a little while ago, since it fits in with the ‘a Song of Ice and Fire’ theme. This dream was set at an airport.

I was with Jon Snow at the airport, and for some reason, people were giving out free bastard swords. We got in line for a sword, and as we were lining up, I giggled and said to Jon, “a bastard sword for a bastard!” (in a friendly teasing way). But when we finally got our swords, airport security confiscated them. We were very annoyed, and kept asking why everyone else got to keep their swords, but we didn’t. It didn’t help though, and we never got our swords back.

Then Jon and I went to look at shopping stalls in the airport. We got to one, and it was run by Viserys Targaryen! For some reason, he was mad at us, so he kept throwing things at our heads. I randomly picked up a Chinese hat and used it as a shield. Then, when Viserys ran out of objects to throw (which had included ladles and fry-pans), I threw the Chinese hat at him, knocking him out.


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