Burning the Flag


Aboriginals. They really don’t do anything to help their cause, do they? A long while ago I posted a huge rant about Aborigines and all the racism surrounding them. Not just aimed at them, but involving them too. If I was pissed off then, it’s nothing compared to what I am now.

That was a video of a group of Aboriginal protesters burning the Australian flag. After an attack on the Prime Minister, Julia Gillard. And on Australia Day, no less. These poor excuses for human beings are the reason Aborigines get such a bad rep. These ‘people’ are disrespecting our country, our leaders, and everything our people have fought for.

If you want acknowledgment, then bloody well ask for it! Do not expect to disrespect my country and be given everything you want in return. If someone did that to me, they would get nothing. I would just take more and more, out of spite for their insolence.

But God knows what they want now anyway. More acknowledgment? They’ve already been apologised to – that is, an innocent man being forced to say “sorry” to a group of people who didn’t exist at the time of the original incident. We already have to make huge speeches about “original land” before saying what’s really important – sometimes even at funerals. They already get benefits for everything, including funding and reserved places in employment/education – even those who are wealthy or have less qualifications.

Europeans won this country fair and square. Yes, we invaded. But the bottom line is, we won. If you wanted the claim to Australia, you should have fought the Europeans off when they first got here. But you failed.

And don’t try and tell us that the Australian flag isn’t inclusive of everyone, and then force your Aboriginal flag upon us. Where am I in your little flag? I see no white above the red. I see only black. Your flag represents the colours of the earth, sun and people. The Australian flag represents the place. I think we can tell whose flag is more representative.


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  1. Agreement sans the invasion line.
    I never liked the whole “take it by force” mentality, especially from a non-militaristic tribal society with not even a fraction of the population nor technology of the invaders.
    They have relatively no right ta complain though. When other civilizations were invaded in the past, the losing parties were often subjected ta slave labor, excessive taxes, violent racism, and/or jus’plain extermination. Aboriginals are buried in benefits, free money, and jobs. And still got an apology.

    But yeah, even the aboriginals themselves didn’t approve of this sorta retarded disrespect. Not out loud anyways. Various Aboriginal leaders and such all denounced the radicals as a minority. (within a minority?)

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