Facebook Stalking


Aaah, the internet. They make it so much easier for you to stalk people now! Well, ‘they’ and the idiots who make their profiles public so that any old stalker/pedophile/serial killer/employer can see. Facebook tells you everything nowadays:

  • Which guy from your class is getting an enormous tacky tattoo on his back.
  • Which girl from your class is pregnant with baby number two at 18.
  • Which couple is getting married.
  • Which girl shaves her eyebrows and draws them on as rectangles.
  • Which people from school still keep in touch with the creepy teacher.
  • What your teacher looked like at her own 21st.
  • What lame poses are considered ‘hot’ (ahem, girls thrusting in at the hips and arching back, hands on hips, with fish lips).
  • Where people have gone on holidays.
  • Which people are compulsive likers.

Okay, that last one isn’t stalking. But it can be amusing. Sigh. I meant to write an actual post about Facebook stalking. Instead, it just turned into a failed list. Oh well. I’m tired. G’night!


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