Aeriana of the Wood


Okay, so I’ve finally done some more work on my D&D character! She’s a slutty young Elven archer (only 21) with porcelain skin, white-blonde hair and violet eyes. She’s charming, witty, self-assured, suspicious, adaptable, easy-going, flexible, wild, thoughtful, competitive, driven, impulsive, and worships the deities Melora and Sehanine. Her alignment is chaotic neutral.

I invented a very detailed background for her. It kinda explains why she’s such a slut. Well, not really, but it’s good enough for me. Oh well. Here is Aeriana’s back story:

Aeriana is the daughter of Aeryn (a thief) and Anya (a hooker). She was born during a huge storm in the Elven Wood, while her father was out trying to steal from a king. Aeryn was caught, and executed, so Aeriana was raised by her mother. Anya took the death of her husband hard, and let herself go, getting all dishevelled and quitting her job. As they were poor without Aeryn, and with Anya no longer working, Aeriana had to earn money herself. She became an exotic dancer, and occasionally delved into prostitution.

Whilst exploring the forest in her 16th year, Aeriana befriended a young male half-elf archer/rogue, by the name of Valerian. He was from the same kingdom as the king who executed Aeryn. But Aeriana didn’t blame him for his king’s actions, and they became best friends (with benefits as well). He had previously infiltrated an evil party in order to gain secrets and gold, and was now on the run from them after having been discovered. Valerian taught Aeriana wicked-awesome archery skills, and she taught him how to seduce people.

They kept their relationship a secret from everyone, until one day, her mother found out about them. She blamed him for the death of Aeryn, and went searching for the evil party Valerian had betrayed, and told them where to find him. They killed Valerian horribly, unaware that Aeriana had seen them. She silently ran and got her bow, and killed all of Valerian’s killers, but as the last one was dying, he told Aeriana that Anya had revealed Valerian to them.

Aeriana confronted her mother, and a hatred brewed. Aeriana would never forgive Anya, and either killed her, or left her to be all depressed about the fact that she made her daughter hate her. But whatever Aeriana did, she ran off to become a mercenary, and never speaks of her mother.

So yes, that is the story of Aeriana of the Wood. Our parties are really messed up, so we’re gonna be pretty screwed… But as long as there’s gold and loot, then my character will be happy!


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