Abortion. One of the most controversial issues out there. I know my views on abortion. And as much as it may seem otherwise, I don’t want to be forcing my opinions onto others. But I do want people to understand the reasoning behind my argument.

People who are in favour of abortion are labelled as pro-choice. Why is that? Because women should get to choose what goes on with their bodies? Yes, that is true. But the thing is, regarding most pregnancies, the woman already made a choice. She made a choice to have sex. She made a choice not to use protection. She already had two chances to make her choice. But now, because of her choices, there is another human being in the picture. And what about their choice?

But of course, unfortunately, there are some instances in which women don’t get these choices. Contraception can fail, and women do get raped. Which is why I am not against a woman having an abortion, if their pregnancy resulted from rape. If a woman were forced to bear the child of the man who raped her, then her mental health would most likely suffer greatly. And as much as I care about the rights of the unborn child, medically, the health of the mother is always put first.

Which is why I also believe abortion is acceptable in instances where the mother’s health is at risk in other ways. If being pregnant, or giving birth, is a danger to the woman’s health, or prevents the treatment of present medical issues, then abortion may be necessary, in order to save the woman’s life.

But in most other situations, when a woman simply makes a stupid decision, or changes her mind, then I believe abortion should be illegal. Because in my opinion, abortion is still the murder of a human baby.

However, it is still debatable as to whether aborting a fetus is still the same as killing a human child. People are still yet to reach an agreement about that. I guess it’s up to you. But is killing an intern still killing a doctor? Is killing a pregnant woman still killing a mother? If you go back in time and kill Jeffrey Dahmer before he murdered anyone, is that still killing a serial killer? In my opinion, the answer to all three of those questions is ‘yes’. But whatever you decide; whatever opinion you may form – that’s up to you.

But if you are considering abortion, just remember – while you may not be able to provide for your child, or give them the love they deserve, there are millions of people out there who desperately want a child of their own, but are physically unable to have one. What to you, is a curse, would come as a huge blessing to those people. So remember, if you have to make a choice, adoption is the better one.


I apologise if any part of this post seems as though I am forcing my opinions onto anyone, or trying to guilt anyone into changing their opinions. That was most definitely not my intention, and remember, I did post a warning on the about page.


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