Goodbye BSC Forever… Finally!


So tonight (well, last night really) I went to my old high school’s awards night and did a speech for being last year’s DUX. My God I was so nervous! I hate speaking in front of people. Zif they’d make me do a speech. Especially since I had to do all the chasing up regarding the time and everything. Grrr. But anyway, it’s finally over. And now, after having said goodbye about four times already, I am never going back. For real this time. Here is a copy of my speech:

Good evening everyone! My name is Caitlyn [surname], and I graduated from Bundoora SC last year, in 2010. I have many fond memories of Bundoora, in particular regarding the friends I made and my Year 12 Maths Methods and Psychology classes. When I was studying VCE, I was lucky in that not only did I have really good teachers, but I was also quite quick at picking up new things. A good study technique that Mr. Turner taught me, was to write my notes on a large piece of paper, and transfer them to progressively smaller pieces of paper, by excluding things I was confident with. Although I did well in year 12, I did have a tendency to focus more on my favourite subjects, and put less time into studying those I didn’t enjoy as much. For those going into Year 12 next year, I’d recommend spending more time revising all subjects, not just your favourite. It’s also important to choose subjects you enjoy, so that this doesn’t happen in the first place. Overall, I felt like my time at high school went by really fast, so make the most of it while you can. Make many friends, and take in as much as possible, as you only have one chance at high school and as a teenager.

This year I began studying a Bachelor of Arts at Melbourne University. At first, the uni environment took some getting used to, as I had to be more independent than in high school, with lectures and assignments. There is a different expectation at uni, that you will make up any missed time yourself, that you hand in assignments promptly, and that lecturers will not chase you for these things. I also had to make my own way there via public transport and learn how best to get around the large city campus. However, I settled in fairly quickly, and now I’m really enjoying uni, especially the social side. Melbourne has a huge social scene, with lots of student clubs and societies, and I’ve been able to meet lots of people with the same interests as me. It’s a good idea to spend some time finding out about these clubs at orientation week, so that you can be more involved in the whole uni experience. I did this, and as such have met most of my new friends in this way. There’s also a lot more freedom at uni than at school. I can choose from hundreds of subjects within my arts degree, and even choose a few from other courses, like music. Since we make our own timetables, depending on the classes available, I can give myself days off, or have only one or two classes a day. It’s a nice change from having to be at school for six hours a day, five days a week!

Next year I get to choose my course major, and I’ve chosen psychology. I’ve known since year nine that I want to be a psychologist, which requires studying a bachelor degree, followed by a year of honours, and a post-grad, which will end up taking me seven years. While that may seem like a really long time, with the way things have gone so far, I think I will definitely enjoy being at uni for another six years.

Congratulations to the class of 2011 on finishing school, and I hope you all get the results you are aiming for! Good luck to everyone for the future!

Although apparently I accidentally congratulated the class of 2006, instead of the class of 2011. Woops! I didn’t even notice! And then I laughed at Miss West for accidentally calling them the class of 2003! Fail. Then I had to announce the new DUX of 2011. Which I said correctly this time. Tara tells me I was good at that. Announcing the DUX, I mean. I waited for the applause from my own speech to finish, and then said “I am now pleased to announce the Bundoora Secondary College DUX of 2011, Ahmed [surname]”, mentioned the awards he got, and then when he was getting his award, I said “Congratulations Ahmed!” and I was done. So apparently I was better at that than some of the teachers even! Oh shut up, I’m proud. Well I’m allowed to be. I did something completely nerve-wracking, that I didn’t want to do in the first place, and did it kinda well. Although I didn’t show much emotion. But that’s understandable, since it’s a bit hard to be animated whilst your heart is hammering away, and you’re reading a speech off a piece of paper that you’re holding up because the microphone is pointed at your forehead so you can’t look down and you don’t know how to adjust it. But yes, disregarding that, I think I did quite well! 🙂


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