Dreams of the Future


The present sucks. Growing up with movies like Back to the Future and the Fifth Element, my generation have really gotten our hopes up. According to Back to the Future II, we should have flying cars and hoverboards in four years. Yeah, I highly doubt that will end up happening. We haven’t invented anything worthwhile in years! What is this Blu-Ray? Why do we need a sharper image in our movies? I don’t care about it. I watch movies on my three inch iPod screen, for fuck’s sake. We didn’t even think we needed a sharper image until some anal person invented Blu-Ray and we saw it for ourselves. I would gladly trade Blu-Ray DVDs for flying cars. Those are much more important. But how will we ever invent flying cars, when no-one has even invented a car that runs on rubbish yet? The human race fails. All these movies with ideas for inventions, and all we can succeed in making is better DVDs, pointless touch-screens, backwards dressing gowns, and slippers that move when people walk.

We also need spaceships, so we can travel between different planets (and maybe even different solar systems). But of course, we’d need to be able to actually survive on those planets. I guess it would be helpful to be able to terraform planets for human life, like in Firefly. Now that would be awesome. Imagine just being able to fly a spaceship to a new planet, and live there for a while! We could be everywhere! Wow. Hopefully we’d find some aliens along the way as well. I really hope this Kepler 22-B has life on it. Now all we have to do is invent a really fast spaceship and go there.

I have read some prophecies made in the 15th-16th centuries by a woman named Mother Shipton. She predicted boats, planes, cars, wars, plagues, submarines, skyscrapers, and a whole bunch of other events or inventions from history. And some of her predictions have still not come to pass. Some of her predictions have been interpreted to mean the end of the world as we know it. A meteor will hit the Earth, and most of human civilisation will be killed. But some people will survive by hiding out underground, and they will slowly begin to rebuild life. But then psychic aliens will come to Earth, and join with man, and the ‘Golden Age’ will begin again. It sounds really far-fetched, and of course, it is just an interpretation of Mother Shipton’s rhyming prophecies, but it does sound rather exciting.

And of course, someone needs to invent a Time Machine. Hopefully during my lifetime. Because what fun is the future if you can’t experience it?


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